July 21, 2017

Portrait Week: Our Social Media Roundup

This was a week for portraits.

Washington might be hopelessly polarized but combatants paused briefly to recognize John McCain who was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer. David Hume Kennerly’s photo was one of the best tribute images.

Trump showed his love for games at a pro golf tournament at his own New Jersey club, and also a “Made in America” display at the White House. (And don’t miss the great Trump handshake GIF.) On the White House scandal front, Jared’s low profile may not be working for him anymore. Also Russia Gate surfaced some great file photos. That included a shot of the Russian lawyer Don. Jr. met with last June. Five days after the notorious Trump Tower meeting, she appeared in a front row seat at a House Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Russia. As for the GOP’s healthcare debacle, there weren’t any news photos that made them look good.

Climate change continues to terrify as evidenced by this aerial portrait of a trillion ton iceberg breaking away from Antarctica. Malala demonstrated how to make a group portrait look like a private moment. As for ISIS,  nobody ever got a good look at them.


Photo: David Hume Kennerly via Twitter

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