September 29, 2017

Puerto Rico is Not a Country: Our Roundup of the Week

Bernadina Ortiz, 89, is released from the hospital in San Juan. (Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times) September 25, 2017

Our social media roundup this week deals with hurricane politics, as well as Trump’s attack on NFL football players who have “taken a knee” in the name of racial injustice. The slow response to the double hurricane disaster in Puerto Rico exposed a tenuous connection. News to many, this was not just a disaster, it was an American disaster. Besides our social coverage of Trump’s football dog whistle and the dramatic response o it, we also did several posts this week on the the NFL protest optics, including “The Visual Politics of Colin Kaepernick and “Unity to What End?” We also saw the latest GOP effort to undo Obamacare go down in flames. There was a GOP senate primary in Alabama that went off the deep end. And we offered up some thoughts on the Weiner conviction.


Photo: Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times. Caption: Bernadina Ortiz, 89, is released from the hospital in San Juan, September 25, 2017.

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