December 2, 2017

Tax Cuts to Die For: Our Visual Roundup of the Week

A NYC street scene inspired by the GOP tax bill. Spencer Platt/Instagram.

Of course, Michael Flynn’s guilty plea has huge implications. In spite of the drumroll of dramas this week, however, we put almost all of our focus on the Republican tax plan, the one they finally jammed through the Senate late last evening. It is our sense, stated in plain terms here, that the legislation will do profound and far-reaching damage to the country and economic equality. In spite of the momentous scope and the dire consequences of the plan, it’s remarkable how little heed the media and the public paid to it. After middle-class taxes spike, basic health care is erased, the shortfalls crater state and local budgets, and Medicare and Social Security are stripped to offset these massive tax breaks for the rich, who will even remember Matt Lauer?









In a New York Times story investigating problems plaguing the New York subway, John Taggart photographed the chaos of commuting on a deteriorating transit system. Apparently, even the taggers have something to say about it. “666” has a hint of humor, until you think about how true it is. Riding the subway can feel like torture. Even the governor, Andrew Cuomo, dubbed this the “summer of hell” after a series of derailments, accidents and subsequent repairs. And if you look even closer, two googly eyes make a screaming face out of the first six. Scary. (-@SamanthaBrandyClark)⠀ ⠀ Photo: @jtaggfoto for @nytimes. Story link: #subway #666 #scary #infrastructure #metro #underground #6thavenue #nyc #newyork #speed #train #transportation #graffiti #tag #tagging #transit #googlyeyes

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Photo: Spencer Platt/Instagram.

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