March 2, 2018

High Caliber Meltdown: Our Visual Roundup of the Week

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES - MAY 8: President Donald Trump walks down the hallway into the White House residence at the end of working hours on May 8, 2017. (Photo by Benjamin Rasmussen/Getty Images Reportage)

Who knew when this White House would reach a tipping point. Health care didn’t do it. The Dreamers didn’t do it. #MeToo didn’t do it. But all that, plus the aftermath of gun violence, on top of an administration bleeding staff from outside investigations and internal warfare, has created the perfect storm. The main visual signs of the crazy this week came from Trump’s incoherent gun roundtable with legislators, the resignation of his all-too-loyal, but novice communications director, Hope Hicks, and Jared’s myriad of conflict-of-interest problems. The other sign of the political and cultural madness involved the viral photos of a church service in Pennsylvania worshiping the AR-15. Welcome to the United States of Absurdity, President Donald J. Trump presiding.

By the way, if you missed “A portrait of Trump’s mental state by photojournalists,” a visual study by RTP’s Michael Shaw for Columbia Journalism Review, you can see it here.












What an odd choice stylistically for this brilliant woman. Usually Greta Gerwig shows up confidently in jeans, sandals, a thrift store shirt and naturally wavy, wild loose hair. She’s outwardly one part Bohemian and part Sacramento infused with BK. She’s a self professed misfit, outlier and goof, yet we still style her in tightly pulled back hair and a red dress. (Power color?) Why do we—pre Oscar—transform Frances Ha into looking like a 1950’s school teacher or Beltway plus one? (-@KimberlySoenen)⠀ ⠀ Reposting @time:⠀ …⠀ “TIME’s new cover: Hollywood is finally leading by example—thanks to women like @ladybirdmovie director Greta Gerwig, who is nominated for an Academy Award. Photograph by @mahaney_mark for TIME, animation by @brobeldesign” #media #TIMEmagazine #magazines #magazinecovers #GretaGerwig #movies #hollywood #celebrities #reddress #fashion #style #taste #actress #Oscars #Hollywood #presentation #clothes #AcademyAwards

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Photo: Benjamin Rasmussen/Getty Images Reportage. Caption:President Donald Trump walks down the hallway into the White House residence at the end of working hours on May 8, 2017.

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