April 8, 2018

Less Teflon, More Substance: Our Visual Roundup of the Week

Central American asylum-seekers walk along a road in Santiago Niltepec. Photographer: Jordi Ruiz Cirera/Bloomberg

This was an odd visual week for a couple of reasons. It seemed Donald Trump’s political actions and the fallout of those actions seemed more the object of focus than the man himself. (That’s quite a shift, and a potentially healthy one.) Also, the way news events were treated this week seemed more complex and less stereotyped or sensationalized than usual. We think that trend ran through most of the visual news, spanning the “red state” teacher strikes, the 50th anniversary of the King assassination, the immigration/border debate, the police shooting in Brooklyn, the brewing trade war, as well as the latest Israel/Gaza standoff. And yes, even the White House Easter egg roll coverage on a chilly day seemed to reflect more reality.

(Photo: Jordi Ruiz Cirera/Bloomberg Caption: Central American asylum-seekers walk along a road in Santiago Niltepec. April 1, 2018. Schoolbook photo: Heavener, Oklahoma. Sarah Jane Scarberry.)

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