June 15, 2018

Immigration Hysteria and a Show Summit: Our Visual Roundup of the Week

Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters Caption: Donald Trump, right, reaches to shake hands with the North Korea leader, Kim Jong-un, on Sentosa Island in Singapore.

Back in the day (meaning, before the Trump era), you could count on the news to slow down in the summer. Instead, drama, chaos, and hysteria continue as the order of the day. The Trump-Kim Jong Un summit in Singapore produced a lot of imagery, but what substance it produced or actual progress came out of it is hard to see. Obviously, it did wonders for Kim’s status though, as Marta Zarzycka brilliantly illustrated here at RTP this week. What was a lot more substantial and horrifying was the administration’s newly escalated border war. The latest sadistic impulse Team Trump is acting out is separating children from parent undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers.

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