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Faith Focus Photo July 24, 2019

Religious Persecution Survivors on the Oval Stage

We examine the political agenda behind President Trump’s Oval Office meeting with 27 survivors of religious persecution from around the world. 

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Video July 23, 2019

Chatting the Pictures: The Squad; NOLA Flood; Drone Guns

This week, Chatting the Pictures looks at an elegant news portrait of "The Squad," the four Congresswomen under racial attack, and overly artful photos of the NOLA flooding and the French Bastille Day military parade.

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Immigration/Migration Photo July 17, 2019

The Pence Migrant Detention Center Pictures: A Closer Look

A close look at the imagery reveals Pence’s political agenda, the tour following a wave of damaging pictures surrounding the migrant crisis.

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Video July 14, 2019

Chatting the Pictures: Jeffrey Epstein Protest; Megan Rapinoe SI Cover; Migrant X-Ray

This week, Chatting the Pictures looks at young women protesting Jeffrey Epstein, the Megan Rapinoe Sports Illustrated cover, and another disturbing immigration photo.

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Immigration/Migration Photo July 7, 2019

Photo of a Drowned Migrant Father and Daughter Is Fading Fast

The belief in a photo’s power often resides more in hope than in what we actually know about pictures.

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Video July 2, 2019

Chatting the Pictures: Seeing a Shooter; Arctic Melt; Inflatable Couture

This week, our Chatting the Pictures webcast looks at a live photo from a Texas shooting, a unique climate change picture, and a provocative fashion shot.

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