February 16, 2020

Camouflage is a Common Marvel

Camouflage is a Common Marvel

Camouflage is a common marvel in the biological world. I’m not saying that this Rohingya woman’s dress was purposeful that way as she’s photographed foraging in a Bangladeshi forest. On the other hand, what we know of creatures from geckos to lions can’t help but rally our empathy in this elegant composition.

-Michael Shaw⠀

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Photo: Hello, my name is @gabriele.cecconi and I’m an italian documentary photographer. The [photo is from a] project about the environmental impact of a sudden mass migration and the intimate and indissoluble relation among us and our planet, from an individual to a mass scale.⠀

Caption: Teknaf game reserve, Ukhia subdistrict, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh – A Rohingya woman collects leafs inside Teknaf Game Reserve. 100% of the Rohingya depends on the forest and during the dry season. The Rohingya went everyday in the forest to collect material for different kind of use. Leaves and roots were used both as fuel and ingredients for food. A UN report released in September 2018 has estimated that the refugees collect nearly seven thousand tonnes of fuelwood every month.

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