March 19, 2020

Coronavirus: Looking at the Next Wave

Coronavirus: Looking at the Next Wave

What has become painfully true about the pandemic is that each week, and often, each day, brings a new set of circumstances. What is also shaping our expectations of what comes next is the understanding that the American crisis, and the rate of infection, is approximately ten days to two weeks behind Italy where the numbers of infections and deaths have skyrocketed.

That is what’s in my mind as I think about this photo leading a new New Yorker post titled: “The Coming Coronavirus Critical-Care Emergency.” The part of me that is in denial wants to see this as stock photography. But the more honest, and scared me sees it as a documentary image — staring at the next wave.

-Michael Shaw

Photo: Marcus Vogel / @Laif / @Redux @nymagazine. ⠀

Caption: As more Americans have become critically ill with the coronavirus, public-health experts have raised alarms about intensive-care-unit capacity. Article link: #coronavirus #medical #hospital #medicalequipment #publichealth #covıd19

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