March 22, 2020

Drive-Up Confession and other Pandemic Improvisations

Drive-Up Confession and other Pandemic Improvisations

There are so many ways to react to this photo of Pastor Scott Holmer.

The angry me saw “hopes and prayers” in lieu of drive-through testing–the phrase having become a meme for government denial and paralysis over the past three years. But politics aside, God bless citizens for keeping faith with one another, and for all the creativity we’re seeing as people improvise on the fly. In looking beyond the headlines, and from the daily conversations I’m having in my psychology practice (now entirely online), I’m in awe of the care and resourcefulness people are bringing to this horrific crisis.

Not matter how much these qualities are obscured by hate and negligence, they remain quintessentially human…and American.

-Michael Shaw⠀

Photo: Shawn Thew @shawno66 @epaphotos. Here are more from the series: ⠀

Caption: Pastor Scott Holmer (L) hears confession at his drive up confessional necessitated by the #coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic at St Edward the Confessor Catholic Church in Bowie, Maryland, USA. #covid19 #pandemic #faith #Christ #church #drivethrough #coronavirus #christianity #improvisation #resourcefulness #creativity #blessings #confession #religion

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