July 25, 2020
Portland Protests: Mary Poppins Has Had Enough

Photo: Paula Bronstein via Instagram Caption: Portland, Oregon : Protests here have been getting national attention recently as the Federal agents attempt to intervene after on-going nightly protests. The mom’s protest group is showing courage and solidarity on the front line.

Portland Protests: Mary Poppins Has Had Enough

Until a few weeks ago, the demand for racial justice and an end to police violence was pretty straightforward. Clearly, things have gotten more complicated.

By Michael Shaw

Apparently, Mary Poppins has had enough. The uber nanny is reframed here as an essential, front line childcare worker fed up with the president, his totalitarian workings, and his word salad.

Frankly, I’m worried that Portland has become the focus of the country’s unrest, especially as the White House and its federal troops seem to feed off its quirkier, whiter, and more anarchistic elements. Some people would like nothing better than to shift the narrative from racial justice and Black Lives Matter to the perception of cities and states led by Democrats spinning out of control. And to pour enough flames on the fire, fueled by the spiraling, mismanaged Covid crisis, to make it so.

In this incredibly dangerous political atmosphere, this protester’s presentation–she’s one of the moms against federal intervention–is not just a stroke of novelty. It’s also ripe to say that the country has gone nonsensical.

Up until a few weeks ago, the demand for racial justice and the pushback against police violence was pretty clear. At this point, this imaginative Portland protester highlights the shifting nature and more complicated nature of the discontent.

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