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Advertising Watch Photo February 2, 2012

Combining Children with Scare Tactics in Georgia’s Anti-Obesity Campaign

The ads consciously manipulate feelings of guilt and fear in an effort to capture attention. The only question is, whose attention are they trying to get?

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Culture Focus Photo November 14, 2011

The Penn State Mural and the Cover-Up of Jerry Sandusky

The new mural simultaneously represents an effort to revise history (the institution's detaching itself from an infamous figure) and an awareness of implications of that act.

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Photo September 20, 2011

ASU Students in Black Face Cheer On Football Sun Devils – Racist or Just Insensitive?

When Arizona State University unveiled its new Nike-endorsed uniforms last week, everybody was really worried how the all-black outfits would fare in the Arizona heat. That is, until a few ardent fans showed up to the first game in blackface, either forgetting or ignoring hundreds of years of...

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Business Focus Photo July 15, 2011

KIA Ad: Pedophilia or Just Naughty School-Girl Fantasy?

The ad has been described as a "teacher lusting after his elementary school-aged student." Though I can see where this argument comes from, a strict reading of the image doesn't support it.

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Culture Focus Photo May 21, 2011

Two Sex-Scandals: Focusing in on the Problem

While the impetus behind these stories is supposedly exposing the men that "done them wrong," it's often the women who suffer most from the media backlash.

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Photo March 23, 2011

Japan's Catastrophe: Reading the Cartoons

Twelve days after the cataclysmic earthquake in Japan, political cartoonists world-wide are manipulating the image of the Japanese flag and exploring the aftershocks, some more sensitively than others.

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