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Campaign '16 Photo September 25, 2013

Hillary: Like Any Good Rorschach

Of course, in the contemporary media landscape, being old is a far greater crime for women than is being inauthentic.

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International Focus Photo April 11, 2013

Femen Storms Putin, but is “Femenism” really “Feminism”?

Unfortunately, Femen’s “new aesthetics” look strikingly similar to the optics of patriarchy.

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Militarism Focus Photo March 3, 2013

Talking Primeval Blood Rituals: Women Soldiers Matching Grit With Men

As the number of women participating in exercises like these increases, it will become more difficult to justify gender segregation in the military and other spheres.

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Karrin Anderson Photo January 23, 2013

Hillary Clinton Eyes Members of Congress (and a Presidential Future?) During Benghazi Hearings

Although Clinton takes politics, public policy, and diplomacy very seriously, these pictures suggest that when it comes to facing her critics, Hillary Clinton may, indeed, get the last laugh.

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Disaster Focus Photo January 20, 2013

Haute-Couture Heroes (or: Sandy’s in Vogue!)

Now that the Congressional tussle over the Hurricane Sandy relief fund has subsided, the nation can return to the important work of capitalizing on the disaster.

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Karrin Anderson Photo January 9, 2013

Boys' Club Back? White House Gender Do-Over

Did criticism of Obama’s “boys’ club”—I mean, cabinet appointees—prompt the administration to choose this bland shot of a routine sit-down with advisors as yesterday’s White House “Photo of the Day”? It’s surely no coincidence that this image was highlighted the day after the New York Times published a similar...

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Photo November 29, 2012

The Naked and the Debt

If nudity is central to the protesters’ narrative about the federal budget, at what point does the imagery compete with the message?

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Karrin Anderson Photo September 16, 2012

Brzezinski’s Vanity Fair Kick a "Pol Dance" for Scarborough

So, why did she do it? “Erotic capital” for women in broadcast journalism?

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Karrin Anderson Photo August 9, 2012

Woman Seduces Asparagus: Newsweek, Food Porn and the Foodie Patriarchy

The Newsweek cover positions women as neither purveyors nor consumers of culinary high culture. Instead, like the accompanying asparagus, they are objects of desire.

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Karrin Anderson Photo July 30, 2012

Yahoo CEO Ushers in Rise of the SuperNewMom

We’ve all heard of a pregnant pause, but for some women, childbearing no longer means pausing one’s professional life. Enter, the “supernewmom.”

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Karrin Anderson Photo July 24, 2012

TIME Olympic Covers Feature Women Athletes as . . . Athletes

Distinctive for depicting America's female Olympic athletes as strong, powerful and individual, TIME's Olympic covers are notable just for portraying the women as athletes.

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Karrin Anderson Photo June 25, 2012

FEMEN-ism in the Fan Zone: Women Laying Bodies on the Line

As women use their bodies as instruments of resistance and protest, one would only hope cameras would pay attention to them with their clothes on.

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Gender & Identity Photo June 15, 2012

"Victim of Beauty": Glamour of Violence (Once Again)

Given the dismal commonness of images like these, the only thing “cutting edge” about them is the cuts that are left on the edges of the models’ skin.

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Culture Focus Photo May 31, 2012

Breast of Times, Worst of Times: "Nursing in Uniform" Photos Draw Fire

Opposition to the breastfeeding service member epitomizes skepticism about women’s ability to be “real” soldiers and “real” women.

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Photo May 11, 2012

Why That TIME Cover Really Does Suck

The photographer said that the photo was “inspired by the iconic religious image of the Madonna and Child,” however it seems more likely that the technique was motivated by news weeklies’ declining sales.

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Campaign '12 Photo May 7, 2012

Campaign ’12 Stereotypes: “Forward”-Thinking Women as "Stepford Voters"

Depicting women as enamored with the candidates for whom they vote is nothing new. If anything, though, what you're looking at is a policy swoon.

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Faith Focus Photo April 29, 2012

Foreign Policy's Painted Lady: Sex Issue Cover Model Too Sexy For "Her Burqa"

Foreign Policy quickly went viral last week, illustrating the public’s appetite for serious coverage of global gender issues. Ironically, the visuals that graced the cover and accompanied the essay suggest that FP’s editors thought they needed to appeal to a different appetite in order to sell their magazine.

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Media Focus Photo April 19, 2012

Newsweek Cover/Story: Working Women Just Want to be Dominated

Good news, ladies. Tired of being on the front lines in the War on Women? Newsweek just announced that what women really want to do is “surrender.”

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