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Katie Irwin Photo April 18, 2019

Louisiana Church Fires in the Shadow of All Else

The Louisiana church fires have been largely overlooked. Edmund Fountain's powerful parishioner portrait calls out: "We are here!"

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Campaign '16 Photo November 4, 2016

An Uncanny Way of Seeing Donald Trump’s Woman Problem

From an Instagram photo, what an appearance by Melania Trump on the last Friday before the election calls to mind.

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Campaign '16 Photo December 17, 2015

On that Perfectly Real Photo of “Trump and the Muslim Girl”

These photos undermine Trump’s logic at the same time that they elevate domestic (Muslim) American life. In other words, Trump gets trolled.

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Media Focus Photo August 11, 2015

When Different Wire Photos on Same Story Address Different Racial Audiences: “Go Set a Watchman”

Who, between these photos, is invited to see themselves as Watchman’s audience?

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