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Marta J. Zarzycka Photo June 14, 2018

From the Olympics to Singapore: Kim Jong Un’s Remarkable Visual Makeover

Kim Jong Un has proved himself a master at softening his media image. His summit with Donald Trump in Singapore was just the latest example. 

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Business Focus Photo April 13, 2018

Here’s Looking at You Kid: Mark Zuckerberg’s Elusive DC Testimony

As much as his appearance before Congress was a visual sensation, Zuckerberg was not going to be pinned down legally, rhetorically or photographically. 

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Marta J. Zarzycka Photo April 5, 2018

The Meaning of Emma in the Visual War on Parkland’s Survivor Activists

Emma has become the visual trademark of political dissent and generational change, a contemporary Rosie the Riveter.

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Marta J. Zarzycka Photo February 2, 2018

The Remarkable Scenes of the Women Facing Larry Nassar

I am shaken by the faces of former patients of Nassar as they come undone. I find it hard to look too long.

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Culture Focus Photo January 7, 2018

Carson Jones’s Classic Side Eye

Why did the look from Carson Jones, during his father's Senate swearing-in ceremony, capture so many hearts?

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Gender & Identity Photo November 1, 2017

Compounding the Weinstein Outrage: How to Visually Cover Sexual Assault

Lurid details and graphic accounts in the Weinstein case do not compensate for the simple fact: there is no adequate imagery to testify to sexual assault.

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Disaster Focus Photo September 12, 2017

Monster Hurricanes and Eco Disaster Photos: The Indecisive Moment

These eco disaster photos allow us to take account of the slow consequences of Harvey and Irma. The fact they defy closure is the whole point.

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Marta J. Zarzycka Photo July 24, 2017

Feeling Alt-Right: Hate and Shame In Online Right-Wing Imagery

How meme-makers use *humor* to exploit the grey-zone in social media guidelines meant to distinguish hate speech from legitimate political expression.

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