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Philip Perdue Photo March 8, 2015

Milestone Optics: Obama’s Pettus Bridge Vs. Bush’s Mission Accomplished

We are looking at a strategic decision to visually frame the president's 50th anniversary Selma speech as a mile marker on a long road toward racial justice.

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Philip Perdue Photo March 1, 2015

Through CPAC-Colored Glasses

Real patriotism doesn't mean just loving your country; rather, we true patriots embody the country.

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Culture Focus Photo February 22, 2015

Award Season and Western Cultural Exports

If the 2015 Oscars expose a diversity problem with western cultural exporting, then the selection by POY doubles down on the indictment.

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Activism & Protest Photo February 18, 2015

World Press, Spot News: Tangled Up in Blue

Sure, the cops got their girl. But for goodness' sake, is a riot police scrum supposed to look so glamorous?

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Culture Focus Photo February 8, 2015

The Optic of Family Values Just Doesn't Mix Well With the Optic of Gun Rights

An AP photographer doesn't do any favors for the shrewdness of Olympia's arms enthusiasts.

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Business Focus Photo February 1, 2015

The Excess of Super Bowl Weekend Summed Up in One Picture — from Friday's Wing Bowl

If you want an image that encapsulates a cultural milieu that enables the commercial success of Sunday's big game, skip the sports page and take a look at these photos from the Super Bowl's lesser-known, but just-as-indulgent cousin.

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Ferguson MO Photo January 25, 2015

Eyeing Congress: Reid Battered, Not Beaten

Harry Reid has earned his reputation as a fighter mostly because of his unflinching insistence on the Democrats' chances.

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Faith Focus Photo January 17, 2015

Holy Dive-in-ity

We shouldn't let a new year full of cataclysms obscure all those brave souls who've been jumping into super-cold water without their clothes.

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Media Focus Photo January 13, 2015

Je Suis Photo-Op: On the Paris World Leader Solidarity Fail

What's noteworthy about this photograph is how quickly world leaders can come together when it's time to jump on the visual bandwagon.

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Terror Focus Photo December 30, 2014

More Best Photos: Alec Soth's Red and White School Shooting Drill

Without a human face to be seen, these two colors end up congealing awkwardly around so much hair and so many tangled body parts, just daring the imagination to yield to their visceral pull.

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International Focus Photo December 22, 2014

Having the Goods on Cuba

Call this unattributed Reuters photo a dig at the communist version of a big box store.

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Bush Focus Photo December 11, 2014

Hey, What's That Thing Behind Cheney?

Nature has a way of crumpling itself up when it’s malnourished.

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Faith Focus Photo November 9, 2014

Glory as a Stage Show: On Mark Peterson’s Vegas Megachurch Photos

Peterson’s photograph places us right down front at a high-energy, high-tech, multi-media extravaganza where lights, camera, and action are the name of the game.

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Philip Perdue Photo October 9, 2014

…And on the Home Front, U.S. History Activists Go Full Norman Rockwell

If the optics coming out of Hong Kong over the past few weeks make visual democracy look like a western export, it’s worth pausing to notice how the look and feel of civil dissent is taking shape out west.

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Culture Focus Photo September 2, 2014

When Critical Issues Make For "Bottom-Tier" Visual Stories: Take Education

Save historical exceptions on the scale of Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957, it is difficult to imagine developments in education policy as visually spectacular events.

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Disaster Focus Photo July 4, 2012

Hell’s Fire, the Air Force Stealth Chapel, and a More Cosmic Evil

If you’re looking for a visual representation of the End of Days, this image is as good as any.

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Campaign '12 Photo June 30, 2012

Fired Up; Ready to Go (Buy Another One)

Suggests how hard it is to get fired up for Romney.

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Campaign '12 Photo June 18, 2012

Obamas Atop One World Trade Center: The Nation's Clean Up Man

The significance of Obama atop the nation's most symbolic reclamation project.

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