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Business Focus Photo April 5, 2012

Pink Slime — Plus, the Return of Rick Perry!

When the public found out last week that most of the country’s beef has ammonia-infused pink slime in it, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and his buddy Rick from Texas headed over to the pink slime factory in Nebraska for some damage-controlling photographs.

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Faith Focus Photo March 25, 2012

Putting the Atheist Point A-Cross

Looking at photos of the Reason Rally, I’m struck by how many ralliers depend on religious iconography to visually express their atheism.

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Philip Perdue Photo March 21, 2012

The Obama Flag

For all the symbolic weight still invested in the Stars and Stripes, it’s easy to see how swapping out the fifty states with "The One" plays right into alarmist narratives about the European-style socialist Obama taking over.

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Campaign '12 Photo March 19, 2012

Santorum in the Flesh

Having just committed himself to stamping out pornography in the U.S., might we be looking at the emperor with no clothes?

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Culture Focus Photo March 16, 2012

Three Men with Beards

Since the visibility of married gay couples has not yet become normalized within the optics of State, it’s hard not to read this as a significant symbolic moment.

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Philip Perdue Photo March 3, 2012

The Abbottabad Landscape: Disappearing bin Laden

The absence of bin Laden’s lair sends a clear signal that yes, the man himself is really, truly gone.

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Culture Focus Photo February 18, 2012

Last Word on the Afghan War: That’s Entertainment?

Afghan landscape meets global war on terror meets ... John Bonham?

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Philip Perdue Photo February 6, 2012

Drudge, Tea Party Impressionism and the "Fine Art" of Obama Bashing

Turning one of the Tea Party’s favorite verbal punch lines - that Barack Hussein Obama is trampling the U.S. Constitution - into a feast for the eyes.

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