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Coronavirus Video May 1, 2021

Chatting the Pictures: World Press Photo of The Year, A COVID-19 Hug

World Press Photo of the Year depicts a patron embraced by a nurse at a care home, Sao Paulo, Brazil, through a curtain of clear plastic.

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Gun Violence Video April 21, 2021

Chatting the Pictures: Riot Cop Photo Raises Question of “Who’s the Other?”

A prominent photo from the civil rights protests in Minnesota raises important questions about power and place.

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Activism & Protest Video April 16, 2021

Chatting the Pictures: Lightning in George Floyd Square

Lightning strikes near the intersection of Chicago Avenue and 38th Street in Minneapolis, also known as George Floyd Square.

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Coronavirus Video March 30, 2021

Chatting the Pictures: A Photo that Gestures We’re Coming Out of Covid

You can't have humor without distance. Does this award-winning photo suggest the U.S. is finally emerging from the trauma of the pandemic?

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Coronavirus Video March 14, 2021

Chatting the Pictures: A Focus on the Neediest Covid Patients in L.A.

"Is this the end?" Written in Spanish on a white board, this question has a lot to say about class, race, ethnicity and COVID-19 in L.A.

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Culture Focus Video March 5, 2021

Chatting the Pictures: The “Old Timey” Look of the Second Mars Touch Down

As always, NASA plays the excitement to the hilt. And the first image from Perseverance plays it both forward and backward in time.

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Disaster Focus Video February 28, 2021

Chatting the Pictures: A Telling Photo of a Cold Stricken Texas and the Heat About a Blackout

Blackout photos got Texans steaming after a historic freeze knocked out heat, power, and water. This picture proves telling in every detail.

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Coronavirus Video February 18, 2021

Chatting the Pictures: The Oxygen Tank as Pandemic Icon

We discuss the striking light, the anxious waiting, and the moral implications of this new global symbol.

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Business Focus Video February 16, 2021

Chatting the Pictures: Washington Trying to Steady Things

Wall Street craziness. Economic inequality. Capitol uprising. It’s all there in Timothy Clary’s photo of this George Washington statue.

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Biden Presidency Video February 5, 2021

Chatting the Pictures: President Biden’s Fresh Authority

President Biden demonstrates so much leverage with GOP Senators, he's not even in the photo. The Trump and Obama contrast is also telling.

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Coronavirus Video January 29, 2021

Chatting the Pictures: Stunning Factory Photos in the Race to Beat Covid

We discuss the craft and politics of Christopher Payne's exquisite photos showing machines producing vials for the Covid vaccine.

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Photography/Photojournalism Photo December 11, 2020

Reading the Symbols of Political Movements: A Joint Reading the Pictures/Columbia University Tow Center and Data Science Institute Salon

In this Salon, we discuss the symbolic strategies of political movements, especially those on the far right, and the challenges posed to the media.

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Campaign '20 Video November 24, 2020

Chatting the Pictures: Kamala’s Sorority Sisters Stroll Dance in Harlem Inspired by 2020 Victory

We discuss the joy and history of Alpha Kappa Alpha as Kamala's sorority sisters stroll dance in Harlem inspired by the Biden/Harris victory.

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Campaign '20 Video November 19, 2020

Chatting the Pictures: The Most Secure Election in History

With the president falsely challenging the 2020 election process, this vote counting photo from Pittsburgh comes to stand for its integrity.

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Campaign '20 Video November 13, 2020

Chatting the Pictures: Our Top Biden/Harris Victory Photograph

The thread running through the photos of people pouring into the street to celebrate Biden’s victory was unbridled joy. This is a classic.

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Campaign '20 Video October 28, 2020

Chatting the Pictures — Jill Biden: I’ve Got a Hold On You

In this highlight video, we discuss Joe Biden's inclination to press the flesh, even in a pandemic, and Jill's impact as his "body person."

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Campaign '20 Video October 19, 2020

Chatting the Pictures: Early Voting With a Passion

Despite the obstacles, citizens are determined to be heard in the 2020 election. We discuss this "first day of voting" photo from Georgia.

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