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Salon Archive Photo January 15, 2015

The Lens in the Mirror: How Surveillance is Pictured in the Media and Public Culture — A Joint Open Society-BagNews Salon

Presenting a joint Open Society Foundation/BagNews Salon examining the visual representation of surveillance as expressed in traditional and social media.

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Immigration/Migration Photo September 22, 2014

The BagNewsSalon at Photoville 2014: The Most Significant News Photos of the Year

Join us at Photoville 2014 for a distinguished panel and our reading and analysis of some of the key photos of 2014.

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Salon Archive Photo April 13, 2014

Watch the BagNews Salon: The Visual Framing of Kiev and the Battle for Independence Square

The purpose of this BagNewsSalon discussion is to better understand the visual dynamics and editorial framing of the battle for control of Ukraine and the events in Independence Square.

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Salon Archive Photo September 17, 2013

BagNewsSalon – Photoville ’13: Photojournalism in Flux (with Video Highlights)

This BagNews Salon, to be held at the 2013 Photoville photo festival in Brooklyn, examines eight photos that have either been the subject of debate or relate to current issues surrounding the practice of photojournalism.

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Media & Culture Photo January 10, 2013

BagNewsSalon: "Unnecessary Roughness: Football as a Reflection of American Culture"

This BagNews Salon features a distinguished panel of sports scholars and photojournalists analyzing a select edit of media photos dealing with football and American culture.

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