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Notes Photo June 1, 2021

Haunting for the Beauty, or the Stalking?

Beauty and subtlety distracts from the reality of asylum seekers in this news photos from the US/Mexico border.

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Notes Photo February 26, 2020

Saguaros and the Steely Monolith

It's a view you can instantly fall in love with–those saguaros, or giant cactus, sharing a "hug." That is, until you recognize the border wall.

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Notes Photo July 17, 2019

The Pence Migrant Detention Center Pictures: A Closer Look

A close look at the imagery reveals Pence’s political agenda, the tour following a wave of damaging pictures surrounding the migrant crisis.

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Notes Photo July 7, 2019

Photo of a Drowned Migrant Father and Daughter Is Fading Fast

The belief in a photo’s power often resides more in hope than in what we actually know about pictures.

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Notes Photo June 27, 2019

Trump’s Napalm Girl: Consequences of a Drowned Migrant Father and Daughter

The significance of the drowning photograph: America at a tipping point. What it says about Trump. When a photo like this should be seen.

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Salon Photo November 5, 2018

The Visual Representation of the US/Mexico Border Wall in the Media — The Reading the Pictures Salon

Join us for The Visual Representation of the US/Mexico Border Wall in the Media -- the latest Reading the Pictures Salon.

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Notes Photo June 18, 2018

On the Border Family Separation Crisis: There are Enough Pictures Now

I know enough to be skeptical that pictures of abuse will call people to action. And yet, that appears to be what is happening right now.

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Notes Photo March 21, 2017

Border Trash and the Human Stakes of Migration

Migrants and bureaucracy co-exist in these photographs. They become a carnival mirror for border enforcement.

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Notes Photo April 20, 2015

On Media Visuals of the Migrant Tragedy in the Mediterranean

These are some images and thoughts that struck me about the visual media coverage of the catastrophe as photos filled galleries and illustrated news stories this morning.

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Salon Photo September 22, 2014

The BagNewsSalon at Photoville 2014: The Most Significant News Photos of the Year

Join us at Photoville 2014 for a distinguished panel and our reading and analysis of some of the key photos of 2014.

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Notes Photo July 16, 2014

The Importance of News Photography Treating Migrants Like People

Surely images are published from time to time that slip through the editing process. The question, however, is where does one draw the line between documenting and exploiting, between reporting and voyeurism?

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Notes Photo July 9, 2014

Immigration in Pictures: Despite the Noise, not all Border Ranchers are Haters

If the facts of this photo would strain believability for some, it’s further testament to the dominance of controversy and contentious political narratives.

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Notes Photo July 4, 2014

Im-Migrant Mother

Has Frankfurter chosen to represent this mother from the most tragically beautiful viewpoint, one directed almost singly at our sense of humanity? Yes, she has.

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