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Notes Photo April 28, 2010

Transforming the Visual Trope of Totalitarianism

John Lucaites looks at the the photos of wheelchair-bound Palestinian photojournalist Osama Silwadi, and the tank as the symbol of the totalitarian state.

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Notes Photo April 22, 2010

Second Look: The Warrior Child

Lucaites: “The idealized world of youthful innocence” is a taken for granted assumption for western audiences.

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Notes Photo April 15, 2010

The Children’s Crusade

A poignant reminder that those who carry the weight of our military efforts too often go off to war as naïve and wide-eyed children.

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Notes Photo March 26, 2010

The New Oil

If oil gets most of the attention, the real lifeblood of any civilization is water -- however we look at it.

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Notes Photo March 13, 2010

A Moment’s Rest

War takes its toll in many ways, not least by how it deadens the human spirit by disrupting the ordinary routines of everyday life.

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Notes Photo August 14, 2009

Beneath the Las Vegas Strip

The photograph is of a couple who live in an underground flood channel beneath the Las Vegas strip.

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Notes Photo July 26, 2009

Remembering Apollo 11: Techno-Porn and Modernity’s Gamble

To many, the Apollo 11 moon landing is “the” moment of national triumph in the post-World War II era—marked by recent 40th anniversary slideshows of “remembrance" at major media websites. I am typically reluctant to concede the all-too-easy identification of a phallic symbol, but it is pretty hard to...

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Notes Photo July 9, 2009

The Third Crusade

What marks the photos and slide shows supposedly illuminating us about the war in Afghanistan is their almost singular banality.

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Notes Photo May 21, 2009

Learning For Life

Notice how the same toy guns that seem harmless in the photo alongside the bus appear threateningly dangerous in the bottom image.

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Notes Photo March 14, 2009

Your Turn: Barbie Celebrates Her Big Five-Oh

I leave it to you how to legend this image (taking off on Eddie Adams' photo of the execution of a Viet Cong prisoner in the middle of a Saigon street) as it marks the mass media celebration of Barbie’s fiftieth birthday.

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Notes Photo March 4, 2009

Saving The Women Of Afghanistan

What is troubling is the way in which we seem to have convinced ourselves that the reason we having been fighting the Afghan war, at least in part, has been to save its women.

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Salon Photo January 11, 2009

BagNewsSalon: Michelle O

Preceding the inauguration of Barack Obama, this edition of the BAGnewsSALON, an on-line discussion series, dealt with how Michelle Obama has presented herself, and been perceived by the media.

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Notes Photo November 4, 2008

The Visual Codes Of Racism

Racism is the American tragedy, and as the current political campaign reminds us, it comes in many shades and colors.

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Salon Photo October 30, 2008

BagNewsSalon: Campaign 04 vs 08: Are We Seeing The End Of Identity Politics?

T his election edition of the BAGnewsSALON, an on-line discussion series, included moderator C ara Finnegan; producer Ida Benedetto; host Michael Shaw; professors Paul Lester; Nathan Stormer and John Lucaites; photographers Alan Chin, Nina Berman and Aric Mayer, as well as members of the BAGnewsNotes readership. ...Considering the images...

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Notes Photo August 9, 2008

Olympic Notes: The More Things Change …

There has been something of a small controversy brewing here, as some such as U.S. basketball coach Anne Donovan, have accused her of being unpatriotic, but Hammon’s more numerous defenders have been quick to point out that there is nothing new about naturalized citizens playing in the Olympics, and...

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Notes Photo April 10, 2008

Serpentine Days

I found yesterday's "last visual word" on the Petraeus testimony a really telling image.  It was paired with a headline dealing with the bleakness of the General's testimony.  In the dead-tree version, you can see all the shoes on the the floor, prompting John Lucaites, a BAG contributer to...

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Salon Photo March 2, 2008

BagNewsSalon: The Korengal Valley View

Today at 4pm PST/7pm EST, BAGnewsNotes presents "Reading the Pictures: The View From Korengal Valley."  This 90 minute discussion is the first meeting of the BAGnewsSALON, a real-time discussion forum dedicated to the singular analysis and discussion of social and political images.

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Notes Photo February 4, 2008

Work With Me, Baby

Anxiety over nuclear bombs is perhaps more pronounced today than anytime since the Cold War, marked by a persistent worry about unfriendly nations, renegade scientists, and terrorists of all stripes gaining access to enriched uranium and nuclear warheads. And yet, outside of a few editorial cartoons here and there,...

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