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Notes Photo May 26, 2014

Pope Francis at the Separation Wall

The natural recipient of awe, it's that rare to see the Pope ceding this much power to anything.

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Notes Photo May 7, 2014

That Vanity Fair Monica Lewinsky Spread: Black and White and Re(a)d All Over

What were left with (if it's not a parody on her claim to fame) is the act of her giving her body.

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Notes Photo April 30, 2014

Finbarr O'Reilly and the Fabulist Art of the Israeli Bomb Shelter

What strains also is the actual imagining of a "promised" land -- with the delusional notion that, once the air raid siren goes off, residents simply meld into the Zionist dream.

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Notes Photo January 22, 2014

AP Photographer Alters Syria Photo to Remove … a Camera! — Worth Considering a Little Deeper

It's ironic because the viewer, particularly in war photography, isn't supposed to be aware that there is a camera.

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Notes Photo

As if the Photographic Evidence of Syrian Atrocities Could Have Gotten Any Worse

Do you know what's so stunning about this file image editors chose to illustrate Syria's latest butchery?

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Notes Photo January 13, 2014

Deep Dive for Photo Editors: Ariel Sharon and the Politics of the Slideshow Retrospective

With the passing of Ariel Sharon, we were interested in the political nuances, and biases, in the photo galleries summarizing his career.

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Notes Photo November 19, 2013

Syria Ho-Hum

The real horror of war may well be its everyday ordinariness.

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Notes Photo September 29, 2013

Andrea Bruce and the Paradox That's Damascus

Capturing the domestic anxiety of the civil war.

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Notes Photo September 14, 2013

The Munitions Factory

My question is, why did this photo stand out so powerfully from the larger edit of 10-year-old Issa working in a Syrian rebel weapons factory?

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Notes Photo September 7, 2013

Will this (Random, Dated) Snuff Video Prevent the Attack on Syria?

With respect to everything at stake here, the bar for decisive imagery remains much higher.

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Notes Photo September 5, 2013

Before and After the Bombing Starts: The Disconnect in 2 Pictures

It seems some variation of that Mike Tyson "best laid plans" quote is on a lot of minds these days.

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Notes Photo August 22, 2013

Chemical Weapons, the Insanity of Eastern Ghouta and Eyes on the Assads

If the victimization of Syrian citizens are, in fact, the heinous act of the government, what we're looking at is profound and despicable blasphemy.

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Notes Photo August 19, 2013

Where Things are Pointed in Egypt (and Have Been Since the Coup)

To the extent photographs can foreshadow, these series of hands -- displayed as symbol of the martyr, as evidential stain, and as steadfast defiance -- constitute a deadly arc.

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Notes Photo August 17, 2013

The Machine and the Martyrs: The Quintessential Photo from the Maniacal Crackdown in Cairo Last Week

Though the week was filled with horrific and telling imagery, no photo struck me more than this.

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Notes Photo August 16, 2013

David Degner in Cairo: Putting Names and Faces to Morsi Supporters for a Change

Photographer David Degner has been living and working in Cairo for several years and covering the Arab Spring and its turbulent trajectory there and also in Libya and Syria. After the Egyptian army and police stormed the Muslim Brotherhood’s encampments protesting the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi, David made...

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Notes Photo July 29, 2013

Those Egypt Military Propaganda Videos: The Look of Blowback?

After the latest large-scale killing of Islamist demonstrators in Cairo, it's hard not to think that the military's surveillance technology and the characteristic features of that video imagery, is minimizing its propaganda value, particularly with an international audience.

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Notes Photo July 22, 2013

On That Viral Shot of the Syrian Refugee Camp in Jordan

Politicians come and go whereas images of the cost are more indelible.

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Notes Photo July 11, 2013

The Shooting Death of Ahmed Samir Assem

Was there was ever a stronger scene screaming out for an international response to the endangerment of journalists?

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