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Notes Photo January 1, 2005

Rack To Riches

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Notes Photo November 29, 2004

Red Light State District

People have been sending me so many examples of the right wing’s current preoccupation with sex, it gave me the excuse to create my own version of the 2004 electoral map. Instead of compiling links to salacious material being trumpeted by various "family values" coalitions, I’m just directing you...

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Notes Photo November 5, 2004

Working Capital

  (by vawolf, via MyDD, via DailyKos): >>1% more than 50% is not a mandate but a bare, thin, majority. >>This was the largest number of people who have ever voted AGAINST a president. >>At 80% approval after 9-11 and guaranteed a landslide election by prognosticators 2 years ago,...

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Notes Photo October 8, 2004

Multipronged Vision

With the suggestion that life imitates art (think: Manchurian Candidate), there was a lot of internet buzz this week about how George Bush supposedly receives talking points through an earpiece. As evidence for this, various sites posted photos allegedly showing an electronic device showing through Bush’s suit jacket. Also...

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Notes Photo September 13, 2004

One Can Never Be Too Prepared

Maybe I’ve got to stop reading the polls for a few days.

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Notes Photo September 9, 2004

“We Worked It Out With The Military”

It’s quite possible we will look back on this week as the turning point in the cover-up of George Bush’s military record. As the article in today’s NYTimes elaborates, confirmatory evidence has emerged which indicates Bush not only lied about the use of family influence, but also whether he...

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Notes Photo August 11, 2004

The Official Games of the 43rd U.S. Presidency — (with apologies to the Olympic wrestling competition)

Our continuing coverage of the administration’s not-quite Olympian efforts at governing. Today’s event: Diplomacy

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Notes Photo August 10, 2004

The Official Games of the 43rd U.S. Presidency — (with apologies to the Olympic Basketball competition)

It’s clear the administration has been having a ball rewriting the rules of governance while making a game out of the constitution. In honor of their sporting ways, we will be adapting the official pictograms of various events throughout the Athens Games to commemorate the highlights (or, better yet,...

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Notes Photo August 2, 2004

Mr. Dictatorhead

The story that Iyad Allawi, the newly installed Iraqi Prime Minister, had executed up to six insurgents in cold blood, was first reported around July 16th. The account, written by a respected journalist, Paul McGeough, in the Sydney Morning Herald, was based on information from two independent corroborating witnesses....

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Notes Photo June 8, 2004

The BAGnews Cartoon: The Lord And The Flies

Bush preparing for funeral speech like it’s the Super Bowl.

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Notes Photo May 28, 2004

You Break It, You Fix It

The Pottery Barn analogy might have been a little too tame.

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Notes Photo May 19, 2004

The Cambone’s Connected To The Scandalbone

What’s incredible is not that the Pentagon is denying any high level role in the intelligence scandal, it’s that their whole strategy has become so transparent. Of course, Sy Hersh has been the lead flack catcher. (Sadly, the NPR profile I heard on him today seemed to go out...

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Notes Photo May 12, 2004

Dick, We’re Not In Analog, Anymore!

In a wonderful opinion piece in Monday’s NYTimes entitled “Tourists and Torturers,” Luc Sante discusses the meaning of the Abu Ghraib photographs. In contrast to the conventional buzz comparing them to My Lai, Sante sees them as trophy shots, more comparable to pictures of early 20th century lynchings. (By...

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