May 19, 2004

The Cambone’s Connected To The Scandalbone

What’s incredible is not that the Pentagon is denying any high level role in the intelligence scandal, it’s that their whole strategy has become so transparent.
Of course, Sy Hersh has been the lead flack catcher. (Sadly, the NPR profile I heard on him today seemed to go out of its way to make him look bad. Even more sadly, the best they could do was play up his personality flaws, highlight an instance when he retracted content just before a deadline, and describe a book he wrote as “dark.”)
If you’ve been off the planet for a week or so, you wouldn’t of heard about Steve Cambone, the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence. Hersh has drawn a circle around Cambone and his role in the torture policy by tapping information from CIA and Defense sources. On the other hand, Jason Vest has written a piece in The Nation, along with a follow up piece, which basically exposes Cambone solely through unsuspecting public statements and actions.
What I’m starting to find refreshing is that the Bush Administration is so blatantly arrogant, no one even thinks to try and cover it up.
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