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Chatting the Pictures Video February 22, 2024

Chatting the Pictures: Trump on Trial

We examine how Trump, despite his astonishing legal woes, turns his court appearances into photo-ops and how the images play in his parallel universe.

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Notes Photo

Throwing Shade: The Disturbing Visual Fallout From the Special Counsel’s Attack on Biden’s Competency

The Special Counsel’s questioning of Biden's cognitive abilities has unleashed a raft of negative imagery. The media's use of undermining photos risks biasing public perceptions and spreading ageist stereotypes. It's crucial to present more balanced visuals.

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Notes Photo September 5, 2023

Disrupting Trump’s Mug Shot and His “Singular Genius”

The treatment of Trump's mug shot is vital to consider, given the potential of the George conspiracy case to reshape his public identity.

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Chatting the Pictures Video May 2, 2020

Chatting the Pictures: Food Plant Workers at Risk; Politics and EMT; Arlington Precautions

Still focused on the pandemic, we look at a virus PR shot from Tyson Foods, a political photo from an EMT ride along, and Arlington honors with adjustments.

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Chatting the Pictures Video March 23, 2020

Chatting the Pictures: Coronavirus Politics–From the White House, to the Cafe, to the Gun Shop

This week, our webcast looks at a snapshot of the White House coronavirus task force, the virus and social class in a Rome cafe scene, and the run on guns.

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Notes Photo March 5, 2020

“Bernie’s Warren Problem” Really Media’s Gender Problem

The photo of Warren on the Edmund Pettus Bridge helps explain why, on the eve of Super Tuesday, everyone was talking about the old white guys.

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Notes Photo March 3, 2020

Faith Versus the Coronavirus

Where faith is the first line of defense against illness, we are watching appeals to divine intervention succumb to the untamed physics of COVID-19. 

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Notes Photo May 29, 2019

A Defining Image of Trump’s America: The Cage Seller

If you had to choose one picture to illustrate Trump's larger motive, Mark Peterson's photograph is literally the money shot.

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Notes Photo May 27, 2019

Make America Meme: Why Melania Trump Birthday Photo was a Coup for the White House

More than pointed critiques, these memes tend to offer the Trump administration greater drama and even unwitting sympathy.

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Notes Photo April 22, 2019

The Barr Code: Why the Mueller Redactions Went Viral

The Barr version of the Mueller Report confirms Trump’s lasting legacy as a black out.

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Notes Photo March 27, 2019

Trump and Reporters on the South Lawn: Getting Stranger by the Day

The reason I’m writing this is because the photos of Trump and reporters on the South Lawn have become flat out bizarre lately.

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Notes Photo August 19, 2017

Charlottesville and Trump: Our Social Media Roundup

This week's round up is dedicated to the brazen white supremacist march in Charlottesville, and Trump's fanning of those flames.

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Notes Photo May 21, 2017

Saudis Up First: Trump With Extra Butter

One the first leg of Trump’s first international trip, the Saudis completely outdid themselves patronizing the patronizable.

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Salon Photo April 7, 2017

Watch: Key Pictures from Trump’s First 100 Days: The Reading the Pictures Salon

In this latest edition of the Reading the Pictures Salon, a distinguished panel reads key pictures from the first 100 days of the Trump Presidency.

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Notes Photo February 23, 2017

How Much is Barron Trump Off-limits? A Risky News Photo Award

Given the media blackout on children of the president, how far can we go in analyzing this now acclaimed piece of journalism?

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Notes Photo November 27, 2016

Trump’s Office Shrine: The Table, the FOX Interview and Self-Obsession

The segment of the FOX Trump interview proves so telling, it could be mistaken for a behavioral experiment.

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Notes Photo August 2, 2016

Nancy Burson’s What If Trump Were: Black-Asian-Hispanic-Middle Eastern-Indian

This animated GIF was created by artist Nancy Burson to consider how Donald Trump’s mind works and to stir reflection from the mogul's malignant soul.

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Notes Photo July 21, 2016

GOP Convention: Regression to the Mean. Ugly Mean.

The hostility of Donald Trump has permeated the tone and tenor of the GOP convention.

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