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Notes Photo October 21, 2015

The Visual Promise of Justin Trudeau

We already know Justin Trudeau can make a visual splash. The question is, can he make a difference?

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Notes Photo September 28, 2015

Our Favorite Obama – Putin UN “War of the Rosés” Picture

While most media highlighted more manly-man U.S.-Russia stand-off pics from the Secretary-General’s UN luncheon, we’re voting for this as our #1.

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Notes Photo September 2, 2015

On Obama in Alaska and the (Visitor) Showers at Auschwitz

My takeaway from the White House photographs of Obama’s trip to Alaska, and the photos of the outdoor misting stations at Auschwitz, is pretty similar

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Notes Photo June 29, 2015

Amazing Grace: Key Scenes From Obama to Newsome, ACA to Pride

And with the funerals and the dignity emanating from Charleston in the aftermath of the racist church massacre in Charleston, what with Obama's sermon, Bree Newsome and the two momentous Supreme Court decisions, by the weekend, it was like "ACA Meets Pride Meets Black Lives Matter."

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Notes Photo March 24, 2015

Obama at the Science Fair

It’s an indication of Obama’s self-assuredness that he tried out the goods in front of a room-full of news photographers at this year’s White House Science Fair.

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Notes Photo March 8, 2015

Milestone Optics: Obama’s Pettus Bridge Vs. Bush’s Mission Accomplished

We are looking at a strategic decision to visually frame the president's 50th anniversary Selma speech as a mile marker on a long road toward racial justice.

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Notes Photo February 20, 2015

Seven Years into a Presidency, What Lurks Beneath the Laugh Track

What's brilliant is the way the photo, on the surface a textbook example of political celebrity, also taps into America's racial polarization.

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Notes Photo January 22, 2015

At the White House, a Sense of Humor (and the Old Shazam!)

This photo might suggest a few things about Obama 2015 now that he has run his last campaign and seems lighter in his step.

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Notes Photo January 21, 2015

At Loggerheads: Obama's Next-to-Last SOTU

So much for reaching across the aisle.

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Notes Photo November 9, 2014

The Importance of Being Earnest: That Obama Photo Fronting Saturday's NYT

If the more mobilized midterm voters looked at the President askance, it's still not over.

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Notes Photo October 30, 2014

Photo Op Chemistry as de Blasio Ebola Shot Turns to Bacon

I guess the question is, how much are the photo-op and the visual press release creating reassurance as opposed to their own hemorrhagic reactions to the disease?

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Notes Photo October 29, 2014

Businessweek’s Nearsighted "Obama Crisis Management" Cover

You'd think people understood by now that Obama is a lot more likely to accessorize with a hair shirt than a pair of shades.

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Notes Photo October 26, 2014

American Ebola: Visual Highs and Lows of the Week

As for those shots of the NYC policemen tossing rubber gloves and masks in a public garbage can, never mind how the Mail article, in two places, strongly suggests that the officers hadn't even been inside Dr Spencer's apartment.

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Notes Photo October 19, 2014

Obola: Visual Attacks on Obama Pick Up Where Kenya/Muslim Slurs Left Off

Almost seven years down the road from the election of the first black American president, in many respects it seems we're back where we started.

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Notes Photo September 12, 2014

As Obama *Takes Stand* Against ISIS, What Ever Happened to Oval Office Address?

After President Obama delivered yet another one of his weird, standing at a podium televised speeches last night, several people were wondering whatever happened to the classic Oval Office Address. So far as I can tell, the story goes something like this....

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Notes Photo August 28, 2014

Obama Fluff, Perfectly Suited

Actually, Obama's summery change up was nothing short of a rescue.

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Notes Photo August 19, 2014

On that Picture of Obama Dancing During the Ferguson Turmoil

Until white right-wing critics suddenly become the official arbiters of political correctness, let's just say the President has many roles to play in public.

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Notes Photo July 11, 2014

7 Takes On Obama and the Horse Head Guy

1. And they want to get married

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