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Chatting the Pictures Video August 6, 2020

Chatting the Pictures: Obama Weighs Into 2020 Election on Behalf of John Lewis, Voting Rights

In this highlight video, we look at Barack Obama at the memorial service for John Lewis, and his potential impact on the upcoming presidential campaign.

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Chatting the Pictures Video April 20, 2020

Chatting the Pictures with Pete Souza: Presidential Photos in a Health Crisis

In the shadow of COVID-19, former White House photographer Pete Souza joins us to discuss four photos he took of Obama and Reagan handling health crises.

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Notes Photo October 27, 2019

The Trump Vs. Obama Situation Room Photos

As soon as the White House announced the death of Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Trump and Obama Situation Room photos became historical twins.

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Salon Photo October 1, 2017

Reading the Pictures Salon: Michael Shaw and Pete Souza in Conversation at Photoville ’17

Watch Michael Shaw and Pete Souza discuss key Obama photos at Photoville 2017 before the start of Pete's national book tour.

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Notes Photo September 14, 2017

Anticipating a Conversation with Pete Souza at Photoville

I am looking forward to Saturday's special edition of the Reading the Pictures Salon at the fabulous Photoville festival. I'll be having a conversation with former White House photographer, Pete Souza.

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Notes Photo March 13, 2017

What’s in a White House Profile Image?

A friend of mine asked if I had noticed the difference on Twitter between the Obama and the Trump White House profile images.

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Notes Photo January 18, 2017

Obama as Chicago Keepsake — A Unique Photo Farewell

Seeing how people in Chicago have saved and displayed Obama's image or memorabilia expresses his impact and farewell in a more personal way.

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Notes Photo January 2, 2017

A Year Ends, A Year Begins: Our Best From Twitter and Instagram

Hypervigilance does not make for the cheeriest mood.

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Notes Photo November 24, 2016

Best Wishes, Thanksgiving 2016

To you and yours on this day of thanks from Reading the Pictures.

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Notes Photo August 31, 2016

On that Crazy Pete Souza Obama VR Shot

If, a few years ago, someone told us this picture celebrated the centennial anniversary of the National Park Service…. mind blown!

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Notes Photo May 26, 2016

Obama’s Trip to Vietnam: the Graphic

Credit Jim Watson for reducing the Vietnam trip to this one piece of iconography.

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Notes Photo April 15, 2016

On That Bubbly Obama Science Fair Photo

Given the atmosphere, it's no surprise why this White House Science Fair photo is so much fun.

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Notes Photo March 28, 2016

Brussels, Tintin and White House Wild Things: Juxtaposition of the Day

Two popular children's books, right? But here's where the twist comes....

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Notes Photo March 22, 2016

Media, Pix and the Cuba Visit: Beyond Obama and Ché

Obama's alignment with a Ché Guevara mural is a cheap thing to focus on when the real challenge of the Cuba trip is the human condition.

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Notes Photo February 5, 2016

On Obama’s First Presidential Visit to a U.S. Mosque

Are we to commend Obama for the photo and his first visit in office to a U.S. mosque? Or, should he be faulted for taking so long?

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Notes Photo January 13, 2016

Obama’s Last State of the Union – A News Photo Grand Tour

We take a spin around the chamber during Obama's SOTU swan song.

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Photo November 26, 2015


On Thanksgiving, it's worth appreciating the president's moral bearings when it comes to the worldwide refugee crisis.

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Notes Photo October 23, 2015

Illustrating vs Storytelling: Jacquelyn Martin’s Photo of Biden in the Rose Garden

Here, the intensity, and even more so, the complexity of Biden's expression requires no reading in.

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