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Notes Photo January 19, 2016

MLK: March 25, 1965

What makes the MLK photo seem so immediate and contemporary is how much it feels like a selfie. For a news photo, it’s unusually intimate even now.

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Notes Photo November 25, 2015

That Photo of the Officer at the Laquan McDonald Protest Last Night

Ultimately, what’s significant about the photo is its S&M vibe.

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Notes Photo November 10, 2015

Telltale Screenshots from U. of Missouri

I offer these screen shots for the way they speak to the complicated mess surrounding visual access and photo coverage of news events today.

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Notes Photo October 15, 2015

Radical Feminists Disrupt Suffragette Premier; Stars Approve

Why would radical feminists disrupt the premiere of a film celebrating radical feminism? And more significantly, did the optics work?

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Notes Photo September 4, 2015

The Crisis of Leadership

Perhaps what the crisis images ultimately highlight are the abject limits of our governing systems, our leaders and our humanity.

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Notes Photo September 1, 2015

Why We Saw the Photo of the Israeli Solder Giving the Palestinian Boy a Headlock … Not Fighting a Girl

It’s not just man vs. child, especially female child, that exposes the state. It’s also the sense the otherwise omnipotent soldier might actually be over his head.

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Notes Photo May 12, 2015

Muhammad Art Contest: Pamela Geller Rallies the Troops

This show of muscle is reminiscent of the American invasion of Iraq -- as supplemented by the Blackwater group.

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Notes Photo May 5, 2015

Photographer Natalie Keyssar on Getting Baltimore Wrong

The photos capture a Baltimore that, unlike the stereotypical stories of anger and violence, poverty or neglect, is not one thing.

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Notes Photo May 4, 2015

1000 Words: Freddie Gray

Images in the news that speak for themselves.

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Notes Photo April 27, 2015

More Absurdity in Baltimore

Maybe the reporter knows something we don't because his reaction to this potentially explosive situation is primarily one of bemusement.

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Notes Photo March 10, 2015

On Men Cross-Dressing in Kabul, Istanbul in Support of Women's Rights

I’m wondering if these displays might also reflect a shift in consciousness when it comes to sexual identity and gender roles.

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Notes Photo March 3, 2015

A First Place Photo in Light of the Damning Justice Report on Ferguson

If Philip Montgomery's First Place "Picture of the Year, International" Feature photo was good before, it's even better today in light of the newly released DOJ report.

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Notes Photo February 25, 2015

On Texas Muslim Capitol Day: Photos by Nina Berman from Austin

The hostility of anti-Muslim protesters on the seventh annual Texas Muslim Capitol Day pales in comparison to the recognition and appreciation of the different cultural and religious communities among us.

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Notes Photo February 18, 2015

World Press, Spot News: Tangled Up in Blue

Sure, the cops got their girl. But for goodness' sake, is a riot police scrum supposed to look so glamorous?

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Notes Photo February 16, 2015

Beyond FEMEN: That Arresting Photo Outside the Strauss-Kahn Trial

I doubt the group expected a photo this effective, even if Femen protesters are consistently “manhandled” by police.

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Notes Photo February 10, 2015

POYi Winning Photos: Is the Freeway the New Protest Battle Ground?

Stopping these throughways provide a way for the movement to demonstrate that business-as-usual has got to stop, and that citizens -- especially those that simply watch on TV -- need feel it, too.

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Notes Photo January 1, 2015

Here’s Hoping for Different Fireworks in '15

On the first day of this new year, let's hope for more constructive engagements and enlightened outcomes.

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Notes Photo December 29, 2014

Pictures That Lead: Race and Law Enforcement a Lot More Complex Than NYPD vs. de Blasio

Media doesn't do the public or the culture any favors in focusing so overwhelmingly on street battles and gotcha imagery.

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