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Notes Photo April 23, 2018

With Media Fixated on the Terror, a Good Time to Look Again at Everyday Middle East

With western media concentrated on Gaza and Douma, crisis and violence again come to stereotype the Middle East and Islam.

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Notes Photo January 10, 2018

The Delicate Balance of Style Photos from War-Torn South Sudan

We are encouraged to see the South Sudanese people as something other than the face of a crisis. The risk, though, is to miss the crisis completely.

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Notes Photo October 10, 2017

On that Rohingya Woman in a Basket

In another instance, a woman fit into a too-small basket might be a visual joke. In this case though, carrying something is a larger communicative act.

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Notes Photo March 6, 2017

Tiny Trumps Don’t Shrink the Sexual Power Trip

This Tiny Trump is funny, in essence, because he is smaller than a woman. The joke, ultimately, is at her expense.

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