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Salon Photo December 11, 2020

Reading the Symbols of Political Movements: A Joint Reading the Pictures/Columbia University Tow Center and Data Science Institute Salon

In this Salon, we discuss the symbolic strategies of political movements, especially those on the far right, and the challenges posed to the media.

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Notes Photo November 10, 2017

The Best Visual Response to the NYC Truck Attack

With the White House immediately politicizing the New York truck attack, the picture serves as a critical counterweight.

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Notes Photo October 7, 2017

Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, Catalonia: Our Roundup of the Week

Hurricanes, earthquakes, the threat of nuclear war. Just when you thought another cataclysm couldn't possibly happen, the Las Vegas massacre happened.

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Notes Photo October 6, 2017

Nick Oza’s Haunting Photo from Inside the Mandalay Hotel

The image channels every photo we've seen of the Mandalay Hotel's exterior since the attack.

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Notes Photo September 11, 2017

Salam 9/11

The photo was taken in 2011, on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. It seems even more relevant now. 

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Notes Photo June 5, 2017

London and a Fake Suicide Vest

The biggest threat of this attack was the potential to create outsized effects on the cheap. A fake vest or a real one is part of sorting the difference.

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Notes Photo May 26, 2017

Beyond Manchester: A Typical Terror-Filled Monday

Perhaps the most insidious impact of the attack on Manchester is the narrowing of western attention.

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Notes Photo June 13, 2016

Mapplethorpe to Stonewall: the Orlando Massacre Over the Course of Sunday

Tracking the visual reactions to the horrific Orlando massacre on Twitter over the course of the day Sunday.

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Notes Photo March 28, 2016

Brussels, Tintin and White House Wild Things: Juxtaposition of the Day

Two popular children's books, right? But here's where the twist comes....

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Notes Photo March 27, 2016


These photos, in the aftermath of the attacks in Brussels and Lahore, share a profane symmetry.

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Notes Photo March 24, 2016

Two Getty Photographers Use Instagram to Respond to the Insanity

The photos by Platt and Olson step us back, way back, from the hostility of the day and replaces it with eloquence.

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Notes Photo November 27, 2015

The Latest Terror Attack and a 19th Century Painting

I doubt that the photographer was thinking of Caillebotte’s work when snapping the photo in Brussels, but the connection is there in several ways.

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Notes Photo November 19, 2015

Less Than a Day Later, a Paris All-Too-Normal. (Photo: Alex Majoli)

If it’s primarily about Parisians reclaiming their cafe life and affirming their resilience, I wonder if the photo isn’t more provocative than that.

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Notes Photo

On Charlie Hebdo’s (Latest) Paris Attack Response

If it’s about the latest attack on Paris, it seems to say as much, or more, about the last one.

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Notes Photo

Who’s French Now? The Most Political, and Poignant Aftermath Photos from the Paris Attack.

If the attack changed the way France sees its Muslims, its foreign born and even non-whites, how did that inform the immediate imagery?

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Notes Photo November 18, 2015

From Guerrilla to Boy Band: The Paris Ringleader and ISIS Photo Tactics

The discrepant photos of Abdelhamid not only demonstrate their marketing prowess, but how easily ISIS can tweak the west.

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Notes Photo November 16, 2015

Eiffel Tower Peace Sign: Branding or Love Call (if for Impending Security State)?

The effort to stop a ruthless tyranny can lead to a state where the Paris of today is only a memory.

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Notes Photo November 15, 2015

Paris, Beirut

The visual dichotomy of two ISIS attacks, one day apart.

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