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Photo January 30, 2004

Kerry Vetted By The Vets

If your state hasn’t gotten the message yet, the Mekong Delta-ed, My Lai-d, agent oranged veterans of Vietnam now have their very own Presidential nominee. And they’re already reaching out to other influential group (including the Gulf War-syndromed, land mine-foddered, buy-your-own-plane-ticketed men and women of the contemporary armed forces)....

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Photo January 29, 2004

If You Just Want The Cartoon… If you’re a fan of the BAGnews cartoon; OR you were perfectly happy with the old site; OR you’re not into all this blog business, here’s what to do…. Just bookmark this site, and then CLICK on the little BAG icon that...

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Bush, Burgers And Fries (Or: Who Gives A HHS About The WHO?)

Is Bush “pulling a Kyoto” on the World Health Organization? The Administration, through the Wealth and Inhumane Services Department (oops, we meant theHealth and Human Services Department), has elected to oppose a world-wide effort to fight childhood obesity. The WHO is in the final stages of preparing an initiative...

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Photo January 28, 2004

Goodbye New Hampshire: The Sweet Sorrow Of General Clark

If he has accomplished nothing else this week, General Wesley “No There, There” Clark has demonstrated the limits of intelligence in the absence of common sense. As we elaborated in our psychological study of Mr. Clark, it is not really possible to be a viable presidential candidate in the...

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Photo January 26, 2004

Cheney WMD Trailer Claim Comes Unhitched

The interview in today’s New York Times with former U.S. Iraqi weapons inspector David Kay includes a dramatic repudiation of Vice President of the United States in hiding, Dick Halliburton. Regarding Cheney’s assertion that Iraq was producing bioweapons in mobile trailers, the Times story states the following: “…Dr. Kay...

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Photo January 25, 2004

Dick Cheney Talks Trailer Trash (Or: We Found “The Weapons Of Mass Destruction Program Activities!”)

It was bizarre that President Bush tried to pass off the failure to find Iraqi WMD by saying we discovered “WMD-related program activities.” What was surreal was that the Vice President, emerging from his underground lair, actually lied to several news organizations about it. Cheney insisted to NPR that...

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Photo January 22, 2004

Bush, God And A Stiff Drink

Apparently, the Bush Presidency has become so distasteful, a record number of people had to resort to State of the Union drinking games to get through the event. For those not familiar with this practice, it involves taking a drink every time the President says any one of various...

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Photo January 20, 2004

Sad Beats Mad In Kerry Caucus Victory

As Dean and Gephardt tore up the low road, the John’s (Kerry and Edwards) were the beneficiaries of Iowa’s disgust for having to endure this slugfest. Given his greater stature, the emotionally burdened and typically “hang dog” Kerry was able to best the smiley faced, yet “wet behind the...

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Photo January 18, 2004

Tap The Rockies

Remember that commercial where the giant hand suddenly appears and drives a beer tap into the Rocky Mountains? Being a baseball fan, “W” must have seen it dozens of times. While the concern is that Bush wants to militarize space, its seems just as likely that he wants to...

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Photo January 15, 2004

Two For The Price Of None: Bush Shoots For The Stars

It’s not that we’re skeptical about President Bush’s plans for space. It’s just that, for a guy who can spend a billion dollars like it’s nothing, it’s unusual this plan is so long on ambition while so skimpy on budget. (Amidst the hoopla, Bush only proposed $1billion in new...

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Photo January 14, 2004

Marriage By Any Other Name

Thank the Lord (and the Christian Coalition) for the $1.5 billion “Healthy Marriage” initiative. On the surface, the goal of this political blessing is to help people–particularly the darker and poorer folks among us–either get hitched up or stay hitched up. Unfortunately, the extreme right wing has gotten much...

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Hail For The Red, Brown and Blue

“Cucaracha” Karl is not just exploiting the immigration issue to capture the Latino vote. As he did during the mid-term elections, he is also doing his best to play “the Hispanic card” in the congressional sweepstakes. One of the more interesting situations taking form in the last few weeks...

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ImmigrANT Farm

Despite all the earnest discussion and debate generated by the Bush announcement to accomodate immigrant workers (there wasn’t enought there to even call it a proposal), don’t bet anything will come of it. (Poppa Bush floated the same immigration concept –also around election time, I believe– and it just...

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Photo January 10, 2004

A Real Downer At The USDA

If nothing else, Ann Veneman deserves recognition just for the ability she’s demonstrated to roam free as a buckaroo through the back plains of the Bush Administration. While cow bosses like Cheney, Ashcroft and Rumsfeld are well known for branding enemies and prodding their agenda, Veneman has been virtually...

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Photo January 8, 2004

Dean Commercial #3: Treading Your Own Way

voiceover: "Hi, I’m Howard Dean. It’s not easy being the namesake of a successful father. I followed my dad to Wall Street before I figured out who I was. I just doubt America can survive long enough for “43” to do the same.” send this cartoon to a friend!

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Photo January 7, 2004

Dean Commercial #2: Pyrotechnic Conservatism

voiceover: "Hi, I’m Howard Dean. How long are we Democrats going to let Republicans brand us as the “tax and spend” party? The fact is, no Republican president has balanced the budget in 34 years. I’ve spent a career balancing budgets and cutting deficits. Meanwhile, this cowboy spends money...

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Photo January 6, 2004

Viva Bush!

As election time approaches, it’s time, once again, for the illegal alien in the White House to jump the borders of decency and patronize the electorate. The front page of today’s L.A. Times depicts the irony. While Bush proposes a “new” immigration policy with “guest worker” quotas for Mexicans...

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Photo January 4, 2004

Dean Commercial #1: The Road Less Traveled

    voiceover: “Hi, I’m Howard Dean.   Are you tired of America stomping all over its allies and going it alone in the world? That’s what happens when we elect a leader who has hardly been out of his own backyard. I’ve been in over 50 countries, more...

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