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Photo February 27, 2004

I’m A Uniter, Not A Divider

This must be the “shock and awe” phase. send this cartoon to a friend!

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Photo February 25, 2004

Tim Russert And A Whiff Of President Schwarzenegger

Tim Russert, you’re killing me. In three weeks, you done nothing but puff up the conservative cause. Two weeks ago, you spent an hour with President Bush who easily snuffed you out with the “index card” treatment. Most disappointing were your tepid questions about his military service. (Is it...

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Photo February 23, 2004

Celebrities Most Wanted: Mel Gibson And The Passion Of The Merchandise

Even before it’s theatre debut, Mel’s Gibson’s film, The Passion Of The Christ–about the crucifixion of Christ by Jews–is making its presence felt in awe-inspiring cultural terms. For example, a reference to the movie has made it to the top of the 10th page of Google citations under the...

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Dear Mary, Not So Contrary

With President Bush flirting with a constitutional amendment defending “the sanctity of marriage,” and the flap over gay marriage turning into a stampede, it’s hard to imagine there could be any gays left in the Republican party. That’s why we are so sympathetic to the latest “gotcha” website,

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Photo February 19, 2004

Wierd Science

In a dramatic attempt to remove the lead from Administration science policy, top researchers, scholars and academics signed a protest letter accusing the White House of interfering with all manner of government research, statistics and analysis. The quote I found most profound was the one from Lewis Branscomb (who...

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Photo February 18, 2004

Say Cheese

It looks like Kerry’s through buttering up voters. (…At least through February, anyway.) send this cartoon to a friend!

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Photo February 15, 2004

Pepsi, Itunes Off Key

If you saw the ad shown during the Superbowl, Pepsi is involved in a promotional tie-in with Apple to give away 100 million iTune songs. One out of three Pepsi bottles has a code inside the cap for a free song that can be downloaded off the iTunes service....

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Photo February 13, 2004

Breast Beating In Congress Over Indecency

Congress and the FCC are so beholden to Big Media that the “Broadcast Decency” hearings this week on Capitol Hill were themselves an indecency. The highlights? On proposing a bill to increase the fines to broadcasters who break indecency rules, the Chairman of the House Internet and Telecommunications subcommittee,...

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Photo February 10, 2004

JFK Meets KFC: Kerry Whets NASCAR Appetite

Pretty good day for Kerry. He knocked Edwards flat in Virginia and Tennessee, and sent Clark packing for good. He also showed that Southerners have a taste for his message. Back in Washington, George “AWOL” Bush released new documents showing he was paid by the military for the time...

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Photo February 9, 2004

George AWOL Bush Meets The Press. (Or: “I Worked It Out With The Military!”)

send this cartoon to a friend! It’s interesting to listen to the President’s language and logic. Here’s the exchange between Bush and Tim Russert on Meet the Press this morning regarding Bush’s AWOL status: RUSSERT: The Boston Globe and the Associated Press have gone through some of their records...

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Photo February 8, 2004

George AWOL Bush: “Be Right Back!”

So, did George A”W”OL Bush report to Alabama, or didn’t he? send this cartoon to a friend!

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Levitra /Cialis Do Super Bowl / Janet Jackson: Best Media Porn of February ’04

As the media, the NFL and the FCC work up mock outrage over Janet Jackson baring her breast during the MTV-produced Super Bowl half-time show, what the “costume malfunction that will go down in history” basically exposed is the hypocrisy of the media and sports establishment itself. America loves...

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Photo February 4, 2004

Guns And Guns And Guns And Guns And Guns And Guns And Butter

The wackiest part of Bush’s budget–and something that few of the major media seemed to call him on–was his circumvention of what a budget is. If you happened to notice, the President provided a detailed, itemized proposal to spend $2.4 trillion dollars. Then separately, he added his intention to...

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Duck And Cover: Cheney And Scalia’s Conflict Of Interest

If a powerful litigant in a conflict-of-interest case (i.e. Vice President Cheney) engages a powerful judge about to hear that case (Justice Scalia) to go duck hunting, isn’t that a conflict-of-interest? As the Justice points out, going hunting with Cheney doesn’t violate the letter of the law. The problem...

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