June 30, 2004

Leading Photos: We’ve Got To Stop Meeting Like This


It seems the NYTimes is on a roll with it’s front page photos of the Iraqi transition. In this shot, new American Ambassador John Negroponte presents himself to the new Iraqi President and Foreign Minister. As the saying goes, there’s enough distance between the parties to drive a truck through. It’s hard to see in this small version, but Negroponte is sort of grimacing, while al-Yawar and Zebari just stand there with slightly blank, slightly dubious expressions.

How do you read the underlying commentary in this peculiar image? I “free associated” the following:

a.) Who are the visitors and who is the home team?

b.) Hello, I must be going.

c.) If you keep feeding them, they won’t bite.

d.) You can’t see him, but let me also introduce Mr. Bremer.

e.) What electricity problems?

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Michael Shaw
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