July 1, 2004

Jackie Would NEVER Have Let Jack Put Hitler in an Attack Ad!


There’s a piece in the NYTimes this morning about the on-line exhibition, “The Living Room Candidate,” developed by the American Museum of the Moving Image in Queens. It goes live today, and features a large cross-section of political ads going back to 1952.

The exhibition also track the various web and television spots produced so far this year for the November election. Included in the collection is the demeaning web ad the Bush team recently created playing on Adolf Hitler. Apparently, what the Bush people did was to take an entry which likened Bush to Hitler which was submitted to the Move On “Bush In 30 Seconds” contest last year, and use it in a montage to imply that John Kerry (and other prominent Democrats) likened Bush to Hitler. Incredibly, the Bush people label the Hitler clip as an official MoveOn ad(!). (Of course, the fact the entry was both rejected and disavowed by MoveOn does not come into play.)

To the extent this Bush ad is worthy of any analysis, it is to suggest the President’s reelection people must be feeling desperate (and unaccountable).

(You can find “Kerry’s Coalition of the Wild-eyed” here on the Bush Video page.)
(For a more uplifting experience, watch the 1960 plug Jackie Kennedy did for Jack in Spanish, here)

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