April 14, 2005

New York Magazine Calls Sy Hersh A Liar

Hersh050411_175Former NYT Magazine editor Adam Moss must really be feeling the pressure to boost circulation at his new digs, New York Magazine

Why else would he recycle criticism of Bush Administration nemesis, Seymour Hirsch?  The gist of this NYM story is that — when he’s on the lecture circuit and not being held to account by an editor — Hersh plays fast and loose with the facts.  Even if Hersh tends to embellish when he’s speaking publicly, this charge has been hashed and rehashed ever since the publication of Hersh’s expose of the Kennedy family.  For the BAG’s purposes, what’s interesting (and, it may be the only thing interesting about this story –besides Moss’ overreaching) is the photo that accompanies the piece.   

At least NYM’s photo editor is pulling his weight.  I’d say this is an excellent visual complement to a character assassination.  Matched with the copy, doesn’t this come off like someone too compelled by the shadows ?  A man overexposed when subjected to light?  A person who may look beyond the window of the obvious, but can end up lost in his own mind?

(You can read the article here.)

(image: Graham Jepson at newyorkmagazine.com)

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