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April 15, 2005

Your Turn: Ironing Out a Few Details


I must be crazy to invite your analysis of an illustration having to do with …tax policy!

On the other hand, the subject did find its way onto the latest cover of The Economist — and you know how much pleasure the BAG community derives from TE’s visual coverage.  So, full steam ahead.  What’s your take on the symbol?  It’s style?  The tone?  The placement?  Do you think the image makes any reference to current political dynamics?  Is there an editorial agenda here?  (In the magazine’s opinion piece, for example, it seems like they are putting greater emphasis on simplicity, while taking fair and better more for granted.)

(For a quick flat tax overview with pro and con, here is wikipedia’s entry.  And, although somewhat dated now, here’s a nice political summary of the issue by Josh Marshall.)

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