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Bush Focus Photo June 29, 2005

Your Turn: Man of the Season

Okay, the BAG yields the floor.  Because the discussion has been so good here over the past few weeks, I leave this cover to the BAG community to deconstruct.  Also, if you’ve been following along but have been hesitant to share, this is your chance to jump in.  Make...

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Campaign '08 Photo

Hill and Two Bills: Checking In on the Clinton Comeback

In spite of all the adulation heaped on Karl Rove, maybe he’s not exactly the PR legend he’s been promoted to be.  (And who know how he would have fared the last four years if he hadn’t had 9/11 to exploit. And re-exploit.) In any case, the Clintons are...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo June 28, 2005

Securing the Igloo

This shot accompanied a background piece in Sunday’s NYT about the development of safer military vehicles.  More significantly, though, it appeared simultaneously with the administration’s weekend PR offensive to somehow fashion a more positive message on Iraq. After riding around Iraq last year in a steel-reinforced Rhino Runner (“designed...

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Tim Fadek Photo June 26, 2005

Terri's Army

Jeb just can't let Terri go.  With his recent decision to investigate Michael Schiavo's role in his wife's medical demise, Jeb Bush and the Right to Life movement demonstrate that there is still mileage to be gained from this entanglement.  In the BAG's recent effort to collaborate with photojournalists,...

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Faith Focus Photo June 24, 2005

Certain Results

So, was the choice between Ahmadinejad and Ahmadinejad, or did he win it outright? I can’t help thinking how the political turn of events in Iran basically mirror the same circumstances here.  (Maybe its even a counter-reaction.)  Hard-line conservatives with a fundamentalist agenda gain control of the executive and...

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Mao Vuitton (Or: Watch Your Luggage)

As best I understand, China is fast becoming America’s next obsession — and ultimate threat. I usually avoid returning to the same source so soon, but TIME hooked me again.  That said, I had to wade through thousands of words and multiple articles to find specific references to this...

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Spin Focus Photo June 23, 2005

Target Hillary

At the risk of lending more thought to the thoughtless anti-Hillary assault that Ed Klein has just published, I wanted to take a look at one more photo page from the book — if just to better understand some of the dynamics of the Hillary assault.  (This doesn’t imply...

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Spin Focus Photo June 22, 2005

Ed Klein and Matt Drudge's Stolen Moments

Ed Klein’s Attack Book, "The Truth About Hillary," and Matt Drudge’s Profile of It, Blatantly Misuse a News Photo to Slander the Clintons.  Doing Some "Photojournalistic Forensic Work," the BAG Takes Apart the Propaganda and Breaks Down the Image. What if you are a former Newsweek editor and a...

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Disaster Focus Photo June 20, 2005

The Bubble Bubble

Maybe it’s supposed to be a brick —  but a brick is solid. Maybe it’s supposed to be a concrete block  — but a concrete block has a two hollow cells in the middle. Maybe it’s supposed to be a basement extruded from the ground with the house removed...

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Mr. Ahmadinejad's Women

In previewing the Iranian election last Thursday, what drew my attention were the number of stylish news images depicting female supporters of the liberal to moderate candidates. In the aftermath of the outcome, however, it is interesting to see how the visual coverage has shifted.

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Media Focus Photo June 16, 2005

The Moin Girls vs. Rafsanjani's Babes

If Lebanon’s "Cedar Revolution" set a new media standard for sexualizing the democratic process in the Arab world (Betty Boop Takes Lebanon – link;  In Love With Lebanon – link), the Iranian election has taken it to the next level.                      ...

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Media Focus Photo June 15, 2005

Under the Wire

I know Cheney promised to string up the next Administration official who dared suggest bailing on Guantanamo.  This cover, though, demonstrates the boldness (or perhaps, the foolishness) of such a stance. TIME doesn’t do these dramatic black covers very often.  When they do, they typically signify a defining moment...

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Bush Focus Photo June 14, 2005

Away from Sesame Street

Who can account for Laura Bush this past May 25th? We know Mrs. Bush was in Egypt on May 22nd.  That’s the day she was photographed with Suzanne Mubarak at the Itahedeya Palace in Cairo, the two sitting in the chairs President Mubarak uses to greet foreign dignitaries in...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo June 13, 2005

What Am I Doing?

Apparently, the story (and the picture of the story) the BAG has been following since last week about the joint U.S./Iraqi raid in Mahmudiya, Iraq just keeps getting more interesting. If you followed our comment thread on the original picture (Punching Up The Orange – link), you’ll know that...

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Orchestra Fan

One of the most outrageous charges against liberals is that we are invested in Iraq devolving into mayhem. From my perspective however, I don’t see why we can’t fault the Administration for fabricating a war rationale, pinpoint much of the mayhem as true evidence of an incoherent war/post-war strategy,...

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Photo June 12, 2005

Pissing in the Wind

    Make art, not war? A couple weeks back, I was critical of the visuals in the NYT Magazine cover story on Rick Santorum (Prayer for the Kangaroos — link).  If the photo editors were trying to pump enough piety into those pictures to exceeded the irony threshold,...

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Spin Focus Photo June 10, 2005

Bolton-ed On

I know the BAG’s visual analysts at-large are going to have a field day with this one. Here are a few of my takes: I love the black-and-white. It’s brilliant. What better expression of this Cheney clone. It’s not even metaphorical. This guy is the picture of severity!  (This...

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