August 22, 2005

War Without Edit


If you’re faint of heart, I don’t recommend these images to you.  But I commend Salon for running this article, "The Unseen War," along with the devastating photo gallery. 

As someone who is regularly featuring war images, I’m continuously uneasy that I’m mostly showing the "more consumable" content.  Am I colluding with "the man?"  I often look at sites that show the more "unsanitized" depictions of the Iraqi horror, but I’m at a loss as to how — or whether — to handle such images myself. 

I know it’s not exactly the MSM, but it’s encouraging to me to see such a high profile site introduce images like these.  And to think (as Gary Kamiya notes at the beginning of his piece): Bush hasn’t attended a single funeral.

View Salon’s "Iraq: The Unseen War" here.

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(illustration: The BAG.  Adapted from photo by Stephanie Sinclair/Chicago Tribune.  August 23, 2005 at

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