August 23, 2005

Your Turn: Facing Fallujah


Is this the new face of occupation?

After seeing one picture like this, I kept finding more and more variations of  it.  Most of these shots are coming from Fallujah, where the U.S. military is using retina scan technology to try and keep this ghost-city in lock-down. 

Because they are few and far between, you might also be interested in this Fallujah update ("We Regard Falluja As a Large Prison" – link)   by David Enders in July’s Mother Jones.

I don’t think you can find a more evocative image.  How do you eye it?

(Autoposted for your review while the BAG is off braving the wilds.)

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(image:  Official Photo: SSGT. JONATHAN C. KNAUTH, 1ST MARDIV. COMBAT CAMERA.  Jan 25, 2005. Security & Stabilization Operations (SASO), Operation Iraqi Freedom Brahma Park, Fallujah, Iraq.)

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