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September 12, 2005

9/11 All Over Again









Dubya is back!  (And the graphics couldn’t be more loaded.)

With Bush’s third visit to the Gulf Coast, Rove has retooled the visual vocabulary.  In a reprise of “the glory days,” Bush posed yesterday with New York firefighters in New Orleans.  The gratuitous caption states that the firemen “also worked in New York in September 11, 2001.”

Besides the insertion of the flag as a symbol mostly absent to date in the Katrina imagery, the photo includes a cross; a written reference to God; and what appears to be (good grief!) an actual model of the twin towers.

What I couldn’t decide was whether the absence of a black firefighter was an oversight, or an intentional aspect with the base in mind.  To placate the separate constituencies, I would imagine that Bush’s PR photos will trend mostly “all black” or “all white,” at least for the time being.

(image: Larry Downing/Reuters.  September 11, 2005.  New Orleans. YahooNews)

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