September 13, 2005

The Roberts Puzzle


I admit, the BAG has found little to visually deconstruct at the outset of the Roberts hearings.  (If anything, Roberts cuts an interesting figure for the way he defies examination beyond that amiable, all-American first impression.)

In marked contrast, however, Chris Bowers at MyDD has struggled valiantly against Democratic ambivalence and a steady string of more dramatic news to keep the Roberts nomination front-and-center. 

I hope it wasn’t simply evidence of fatalism, but Chris offered an interesting over-the-shoulder image pulled from C-SPAN today.  Suggesting that the confirmation hearing might well be shaping up as a pointless exercise, it shows Senator Coburn sitting close to printed matter that obviously will be crucial to his part in this historic exercise. 

It’s a crossword puzzle.

Chris has created a dedicated link allowing us to follow his comprehensive coverage of the hearings.  You can find it here.

(image: C-SPAN via MyDD.  September 12, 2004.  Washington, D.C.)


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