January 20, 2006

Your Turn: And Today's Lesson Is Brought To You By The Letter Tha


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Emboldened by the encouragement of the BAG community, I’m taking a few days off to attend to family and professional obligations.  In the meantime, I’m turning the seminar over to you.  I’ve been holding on to two images that I find quite evocative.  This one is a portrait of Uncle Hazim, who might be described as the Hamas answer to “Mr. Rogers.”

Hazim Sharawi has been a big hit with the kids on the radio, and now — with the launch of the new Al Aksa network — he’s going to have his own TV show.  If I understand him right, Hazim’s agenda is two parts Sesame Street and one part intifada.

To really plumb the image, I recommend you read the article first (Warm and Fuzzy TV, Brought to You by Hamaslink ).

(image: Khalil Hamra for The New York Times.  Gaza.  January 18, 2006.  nyt.com)

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