January 20, 2006

Your Turn: Bush On The Green


(click image for less microscopic view)

Here is the other pic I’m leaving you with this weekend.

It was taken on Thursday at a moving and storage outfit in Virginia and featured on the White House website.  I went through the entire transcript of Bush’s remarks at this small business event to try and find some reference to this incredible stage.  (Although he was loaded with quips, it was remarkable to me that Dubya never once mentioned the unique set up and floor treatment.  … As a possible subliminal association, however, he did offer a long winded story about how his first Presidential decision involved deciding on the style and color of the rug in the Oval Office.)

From the transcript, I deduce this sell-a-thon was designed to kick off a new White House campaign on the economy.  Obviously, the questions were all canned.  Bush even made some jokes to this effect.  Still, prepped to the hilt, Bush went on and on until it seemed like there was not a talking point left to wring out.  (The feeling I was left with was that Bush had broken into the steroid cabinet.)

… Oh yeah, the picture.  Make sure you expand the image because even the full size version is a little hard to make out.  If you’re wondering, by the way, the text in the flag reads “Brighter Future For America.”

White House photo gallery with additional images here.

Transcript here.

(Thanks to Jeffrey)

(image: Eric Draper/White House. Thursday, Jan. 19, 2006. Sterling, Virginia.  whitehouse.gov)

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