April 4, 2006

If The Shoe Drops, Bear It (Or: Sole-full Goodbye)





A few takes:

The media would never have had the balls to run an image like this while DeLay was still politically viable.

My finger got tired clicking through Kay Bailey Hutchison’s Senate photo album.  One thing I found out though, is that the Senator rarely wears black and hardly ever dons this multi-strand pearl neckace.  So, maybe she wanted to emphasize that politicians can still have class?  Or, knowing she was to appear with the poster boy for sleaze, perhaps she was in mourning.

Only after the fact do they get introspective.

…Well, no more wrestling with all those damn lapel pins.

Talk about irony!  These shots — hot off the newswire yesterday — were taken about two weeks ago at a news conference dedicated to increase federal funding for Texas law enforcement.  (Now there’s an issue “The Hammer” could afford some boning up on.)


(images: David J. Phillip/A.P.  March 21, 2006.  Houston, Texas.  Via YahooNews)

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