April 3, 2006

And Then This Happened!

I just found out The BAG won Best Post in this year’s Koufax Awards for Katrina Aftermath: And Then I Saw These. I’m am unbelievably honored, and a bit shocked.

Certainly, the competition couldn’t have been of a higher caliber (including: Michael Berube; Lydia Cornell at BradBlog; Chris Clarke; Hunter at Daily Kos; The Fat Lady Sings; Bob Geiger; Digby; Sassy Texan at My Left Wing; PZ Myers at Pharyngula; and Glenn Greenwald).

Of course, I share the accolades with Alan Chin.  He gives me a hard time when I say this, but in my mind, he’s the rock star photojournalist of the liberal blogosphere.  I also share this with my incredible readers and commenters.  If you spend any time at all in my comment threads, you know they more than complement whatever it is I have to offer.

I offer my congratulations to everyone who participated.  The liberal blogosphere is rising.  Also, many thanks to Mary Beth and Dwight at Wampum for all their effort. 

Best Blog — Non Professional

Crooks & Liars

Best Blog — Professional or Sponsored

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo

Best Blog Community

Daily Kos

Most Deserving of Wider Recognition

Echidne of the Snakes

Best New Blog

Glenn Greenwald of Unclaimed Territory

Best Writing

Digby of Hullabaloo

Best Single Issue Blog

Jordan Barab of Confined Space

Best Expert Blog

Pharyngula by P.Z. Myers

Best Group Blog

Shakespeare’s Sister

Best Post

Bag News Notes for Katrina Aftermath: And Then I Saw These

Best Series

FireDogLake for Plame coverage

Most Humorous Blog

Jesus’ General

Most Humorous Post

Dood Abides for The Wizard of Oil

Best State or Local Blog

Bluegrass Report and Tennessee Guerilla Women

Best Commenter


(Update:  Thanks again to the readership.  I didn’t realize till the afternoon that BnN also finished runner-up by a nose for Blog Most Deserving Of Wider Attention.)

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