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April 3, 2006

Playing Kissimmee!


(click pic for full effect)

With her campaign in free fall, maybe it makes sense not to look back.

People have been sending me pics of Katherine Harris for weeks now, but they all just seemed one-dimensional — mostly for their seductiveness.  This one is a little different, however.  Sure, it makes a nice ogling case study.  But the larger theme is about being out of touch.

I just saw “Thank You For Smoking” yesterday, and it hyper-inflated the idea.  Yes, Harris earns honors on any scale of political idiocy.  Right now, however, you could probably swap Lieberman, or that pandering McCain into Harris’ place, and you might end up with a similar alienation from an honest crowd.  Just because Harris gets treated (by her own encouragement) as a sex object doesn’t mean she isn’t also a wonderful caricature of today’s more routinely whoring politician.

(And, can you believe the pic was taken in the town of Kissimmee?)

(hat tip: ofc/

(image: Ed Sackett/Orlando Sentinel. Kissimmee, Florida.  Mar 26, 2006.)

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