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May 13, 2006

Humble Pie


(click image for larger view of shrinking Administration)

Anxious to get a handle on the war in Iran, Iraq and Southern Turkey, President Powell and Vice President Albright sit down with members of the previous Administration to try and figure out what the hell they were doing.  Unfortunately, one was too rueful to participate; one didn’t have anything to do with it; and the other kept losing consciousness.

…But really, what were they serving with the coffee on Friday?  Humble pie?  No wonder Cheney fell asleep.

It’s hard not to frame either article or picture around the theme of just deserts.  After Bush stiffed the former Secretaries of State and Defense back in January, who’s to fault Powell or Albright for looking a little smug for the return engagement?

This space apportionment is particularly telling.  Besides being the central focus, Powell and Albright are given 5 1/4 inches of width, while Cheney, Bush and Rice are packed into three.  In contrast to before, Bush sat on his hands and listened this time.  What else could he do?  After five plus years of unassailable arrogance, however, these attempts to show himself the bigger man only seem to be confusing his image, and moving him closer to the margins.

(hat tip: Gary)

(Stephen Crowley/The New York Times. Washington.  May 12, 2006.

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