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May 12, 2006

Your Turn: Mirror, Mirror On (Or Off) The Wall


Do Americans support domestic spying?  Or, does the MSM perpetuate that idea based on conservative spin?

Media Matters believes it’s the latterMM also believes the design of media polls skew toward the Administration’s surveillance position.  This new ABC/WAPO poll, for example, shows public support  for government use of domestic telephone records by a 2-1 margin.

The BAG’s primary interest, however, is how these politics plays out pictorially. 

As a conservative bastion, the Washington Times ran this image in yesterday’s article titled: “Bush Denies Report Of ‘Trolling’ By NSA.”  Notice Senators Harkin and Feinstein looking at the USA Today issue that broke the phone record story this past Thursday.  Intuitively, the image feels like a clever reaction to the Democratic uproar.  I can’t say exactly how, though.

Any help?

(image: Washington Times.  May 12, 2006.  Washington.

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