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May 9, 2006

Undertaking A New Strategy?


(even bigger)

“Jest” a little free association from The BAG:

1.  If White House shake-up was supposed to ease conformity, think again.

2.  Administration looking a little down these days?

3.  Maybe that’s what happens after years of getting your back up.

4.  Hubbard’s folder lends interesting twist….  The economic picture: black and white and red all over.

5.  “Day Without Immigrant” leads to extra tall grass?

6.  Black suits.  Gallows posture.  With Karl on politics 100% again, “undertaker look” fits scary new ’06 campaign theme.

BAGreaders, feel free to pile on!

(caption: President Bush walking to the Oval Office last week, trailed by Karl Rove, left, his chief strategist, and Allan B. Hubbard, his assistant for economic policy. Mr. Rove is helping lead Republican midterm election efforts.  image: Jim Young/Reuters.  White House.  May 8, 2006.

hat tip: Isaac

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