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Photo June 29, 2006

Gerrymander Away!

You gotta love what comes next now that the (gutless) Supreme Court has given redistricting an unrestricted green light ....

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Uncategorized Photo June 28, 2006

Your Turn: Running On Iraq

If you read the LAT story on Bush's jog with Army Staff Sgt. Christian Bagge, you'll see the vet was determined to make it happen.  "I'm very proud of what I've done for this country," Bagge said.  "I'm proud of my wounds."

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Spin Focus Photo

Plenty Of Energy For The Picture — If Not Much Juice Besides

Random June 12 caption: Reveals propaganda talking points Iraqi soldiers seen here jubilating in Baghdad after hearing Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announcing 08 June 2006 the death of al-Qaeda leader in Iraq Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

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Photo June 27, 2006

The Latest NYT Democratic Swamp Creature: RFK Jr.

By fronting this profile on Sunday's Style section, the NYT could both swipe at another prominent Dem, and exploit his celebrity at the same time.

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Media Focus Photo June 25, 2006

Obliged To Look The Other Way

Unless a major story involves a topic that is quite abstract, you can usually count on that event to generate quite a flow of news images.  So in cases when it doesn't, it's instructive to ask why. Consider North Korea, for example. Here they are on the verge of testing...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo June 24, 2006

Tall Tales

Visually, the story of the Sears Tower plot  -- allegedly broken up by the DOJ -- had everything going for it ... except a credible threat.

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International Focus Photo June 23, 2006

The Intersection Of Bad And Worse

In the LAT article that accompanied the photo gallery (Baghdad on Curfew Amid Armed Clashes), it describes the escalating chaos since a curfew went into effect this week.

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Who's In The House

One topic that seems fairly consistent across political blogs is the impact we are having -- on the culture, the media, the punditocracy, and the party.  With the exception of the recent post I did on the visual coverage of YearlyKos, my niche doesn't lend itself too much to...

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Uncategorized Photo June 21, 2006

Your Turn: Fore!

I realize The BAG has plumbed the Gitmo subject fairly thoroughly this week.  However, I've been diligently looking for a good "Your Turn" to turn you loose on, and I really like this one.  I'm coming to understand that the best images for communal analysis are tthose that seem...

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Military Tragedy Vs. Bush Bounce

Kristian Menchaca, 23, of Houston, Texas, went missing after a checkpoint attack near Yusufiya, Iraq....  Menchaca is one of the two U.S. soldiers found dead after they became missing on Friday at a checkpoint in Yusufiya, a town in an area south of Baghdad.  (Menchaca family/Handout/Reuters) bare arm This...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo June 20, 2006

Why Gitmo's Commander Was Disappeared (Or: My Secret Guard Den)

"Tuesday night, while packing to leave Guantanamo Bay, I called Bumgarner's cell phone to say goodbye....  It was Navy Capt.-select Katie Hampf, Bumgarner's second-in-command.  She now had Bumgarner's phone because she was acting prison commander....  A spokesman said Bumgarner's decision to allow us to listen in on staff meetings...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo June 19, 2006

Gitmo: Parting The Curtains … Somewhat

If you've been looking out -- as The BAG has -- for newswire photos from Guantanamo, you've likely been bored and frustrated in equal measure.  I mean, a person can only stand so many long range silhouetted photos of guard towers. With the Administration really beginning to bleed from the...

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Spin Focus Photo June 18, 2006

Singing In The Rain

Let's review what can happen when the media gets caught up in a White House spin cycle.  Forget the fact a number of prisoners killed themselves in Gitmo, or that more data came out on Haditha.  Last week, the MSM treated the the Zarqawi killing like we had snuffed...

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International Focus Photo June 16, 2006

Hughes Update: Getting Her 50 Cent Worth

Roaming the globe and spreading the neocon gospel, Hughes bonds with youth around a cultural export thoroughly consistent with the conservative set.

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Uncategorized Photo June 14, 2006

Your Turn: I Know These Guys Love Uniforms, But….

I have to admit, when this was first sent to me, I thought it was an outtake from the old Hogan's Hero's TV show.  Instead, according to the caption: White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, left, and White House Counselor Dan Barlett, ride in a military helicopter wearing helmets and...

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Political Psychology Photo June 13, 2006

Reclaiming Iraq – Part 2: The Simple Hand Job

Is it too much to hope the MSM might sees past these theatrics? Simply, what was billed as a two-day summit to recallibrate the Administration's Iraq policy turned into a one day meeting at Camp David, then a massive publicity stunt on day two, dropping Bush into Iraq so he...

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Reclaiming Iraq – Part 1: Media Shock And Awe

Still, I couldn't help getting a jump on the major PR assault the White House unleashed on Baghdad this morning.  By now, everyone knows that Bush stealthily dropped in on Prime Minister Maliki as part of the Administration's much ballyhooed re-re-re-re-re-re-launch of the Iraqi campaign.  I just wanted to...

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Culture Focus Photo June 12, 2006

YearlyKos: Susan, Mike And The Rest Of Us Oddballs

I can't say how many NYT articles fail to make it into the on-line edition.  One that didn't was Sunday's piece about YearlyKos by Adam Nagourney ("Politicians Embrace Bloggers, Not Personal Attacks").  Sort of strange, too, since the subject matter was of natural interest to the on-line readership.

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